Wednesday, January 14, 2009

wednesday bullet points

- it's bloody hot outside
currently 40C /104F and it's only midday so 't'will get hotter
I don't have functioning A/C - haven't had for 2 years at least - cos the goats repeatedly stand on /chew the bits that are outside [ so it's hardly worth getting it repaired again until there is something resembling a fence between them and it ... which ain't happening anytime soon ]

-therefore today is all about the lounging around, the telly and the reading
speaking of which
since New Years Day I have read:

Dead Beat
White Knight
Proven Guilty ... Jim Butcher's Dresden Files

and the following Terry Pratchett offerings:

Witches Abroad [ although, to be honest, I'd nearly finished that before I got side tracked by the Dresden Files ]
Small Gods
Lords and Ladies

Laurell K Hamilton:
A Stroke of Midnight
Mistral's Kiss

It's a bit hot

This is the knitting that I am not doing - see above regarding the ambient temperature

in the last month I have acquired another great-niece, Isabella Lilly, and a great-nephew, Isaac James. Obviously this is for young Master Isaac who was a month early and weighed in at 6 pounds and a bit.

In the interests of family harmony, Isabella's already got the exact same top except in palest pink and a slightly larger size. I'll post the photo when I find it

... can't have anyone's nose getting out of joint over who got the better pressie now can we ?

did I mention that it's a bit hot ?

2pm update - it's now 41.7C / 107.2 F
and at 4pm?42.4C / 108.3F

and four more months of hot weather ahead of us


Marcie said...

the mercury rose to 45C on my back verandah, that's around 112F in the old vernacular. yeucchh!

catsmum said...

yeucch indeed - and it's even worse than you thought - 113F !!!!

The Boy said...

Glad to see I'm still ahead of you in the Discworld series, if only by about 3 books =D
The heats been bad, enough to make me want to resist going outside when I'm at my air-conditioned work all day >)

Jane said...

Get a fence just around the air conditioner woman ...and get it fixed.
Here I was with two on and actually shivering a bit when the computer told me it was 24C
As if I was going out to find out.
I did open the door enough to give my handyman hot and cold drink and tell him that I heard old people needed to be given liquids in the heat. I just escaped the spade on my head. LOL He is one of the few people I know who is a couple of years older than I.

Alwen said...

I'd just have that Quantum Weather Butterfly from Terry Pratchett's Interesting Times flap its wings and send some of our 8 degree F (-13 C) air over to you, but it would freeze solid outside today!

113 F, gack!

Lynne said...

Yep - I can relate! Thank God for air-con or the wedding would have to be postponed so I could finish the stole! And I don't think DD and SIL2B would like that!! LOL

Sarah said...

Sounds like summer here... That sweater is great- what's the pattern?

Sheepish Annie said...

In a twist of irony too weird to be believed, I just did my Wednesday Night Bullet Post on the temperatures as well.

It's just that mine was about wind chills and my fears that I will freeze to death tonight unless the cats agree to sleep in the bed tonight.

Is there no such thing as a "happy medium" on this planet right now???? Hope things cool off for you!

Donna Lee said...

I vaguely remember being hot and sweaty. It feels like we've been cold forever. I'll try to remember this feeling come August when our temps hit those obscene highs! I don't have a/c either so it's always a battle to keep cool.

Nadie said...

Summer took a while to kick in

in other news cass is having a little girl! :D so you can start making blue and purple stuff now (totally different to the blue and purple stuff she'd need if it was a boy!)

Robbyn said...

I don't think I'd enjoy your 107 degrees F, but I can't help but feel a bit wistful about it as the temperature here was 0 when I got up this morning :)