Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Yesterday in the midst of the near 40C scorcher that we'd been promised, I decided that some dyeing activity wouldn't be overly taxing but might still satisfy the need for creativity.
I had in my sights a small cone of virulent pea green 3 ply [ fingering ] pure wool that has languished in my stash for nigh unto 30 years.
Its time had come.
So after half an hour's worth of soaking it into submission, out it went to become better acquainted with the digestive tract of Dorothy The Dinosaur [ the 30+ year old monster of a microwave that exists in my carport purely for my various dyeing endeavours ]
Fast forward through six minutes of cooking in Landscapes Pacific and Night Blue, marinating in vinegar, more cooking, and then a wash and rinse in conditioner, followed by half an hour drying in the sun and this is more-or-less how it emerged from the ordeal:
The colour of the undyed hank isn't really true to colour on this monitor but you get the idea.
Anyone care to suggest a name for this colourway ?

and Ms Sophie thinks that there have been more than enough puppy pics lately


Frou said...

Gorgeous wool - Seafoam?

Watcha gonna do with it?

Rose Red said...

Not sure if it's just my monitor, but the colour looks very "Sophie's Eyes" to me!

ozjane said...

My suggestion is 'Black Watch" as in tartan.
Found another collection of kilts the other day that I cannot quite throw out.

And Moggie......what are you doing impersonating Miss Sophie.....?
Those little faces are a fair pair.

Donna Lee said...

The color came out great! It really toned down the green. And I have a microwave that old too. I keep it because it's big and you can't get them big anymore.

Robbyn said...

Blue Spruce?

It's a beautiful shade and I confess, I would have felt the need to doctor a virulent pea green too :) I sometimes think somecolors exist just to be played with!

Alwen said...

I like Black Watch.

I have some tobacco-spit brown wool I need to do something to.

Lynne said...

"Ocean Depths"?
Nice colour combo, well done.

Want to do some dyeing myself but the microwave is on the verandah which has one of those Alsonyte 'see-through' panels and a metal roof - hotter there than in the backyard!

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh how lovely! I don't know just what to call it, but the color is so nice and cool. It must have helped to make the heat more bearable!

Oakley is also lovely, of course. It's just that I saw the yarn first. But how can you not love a kitty picture?

Sarah said...

Looks like an evergreen- maybe a spruce? I like it!

Lindi said...

I adore the colour I'm getting on my monitor. Makes me think of Ireland - green hills, peat bogs, celtic charm, leprachauns...(not that I've ever been to Ireland, just going by pictures I've seen.)