Tuesday, January 13, 2009

really can't remember

What have I been doing since Friday ?

there was some taking down and packing away of Christmas stuff
but not a lot

my bedroom
David's room
the kitchen
and the sewing end of the big room

that's it so far

all the BIIIG stuff is still in situe

I did think about doing it Sunday night
seriously ... I did
... I swear
... cross my heart and so on and so forth

... stop laughing you beggars

but then got a phone call to tell me that my favouritest-ever-ex-neighbours-and-parent-substitutes
who now live in Queensland , which is to say at the other end of the country, were in deepest darkest Bendigonia and were planning on heading my way mid morning on Monday.

I figured a few boxes here and there was nothing that Evelyn and Ron couldn't cope with, but had absolutely no intention of exposing them to the complete chaos that will undoubtedly ensue as soon as I start the great take down the of rumpus room and the loungeroom
and the bathroom
and Nadie's room
and the spare bedroom

that's my story and I'm sticking to it

Ms Energy-and-enthusiasm-to-get-it-all-done has gone for a little vacation - sidelined as she was by visitors, albeit much anticipated and enjoyed ones.
Personally I think she was jealous that my attention was happily elsewhere
... or maybe she just didn't want to be somewhere that the temperature is currently hovering just shy of 37 degreesC / 99F
I'm sure that she'll wander back eventually
maybe when it's cooler
like in May

in the meantime it's me for the couch, the cooler, a cold drink and the current book


Groomer Angie said...

Oh my goodness, it's -5C/22F here and the weatherman is calling for snow starting tomorrow. I'll take your sun over that anyday. Be sure to check my blog under A fabulous Award, I left something there for you. ;) Enjoy your visit with friends.

Rose Red said...

Oh well, at least you got further than me...I thought about taking down my christmas decorations, but that's as far as it got. Maybe next weekend...

Visits with beloved friends are much better!

Lynne said...

Spending time with distant friends is far more important - and they look a lovely couple.

It'll get done. One day you'll be thoroughly sick of it and whoosh - away it goes!

Sarah said...

It can be SO hard to pick up and get going once you've taken a break!

Alwen said...

99 F! That sizzling sound would be my brains. At least when it gets down to 15 F (-9 C), I can bundle up...I can't take anything more off once I'm down to skin.

But it does get tricky to shovel when the temp. gets cold and the wind picks up. brrr!

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