Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ruby times 2

There is a long and involved story about how I got Ms Rosie.

She was originally named Crystal and she and her twin were sold to a woman who was one of the ' goats will survive on grass' brigade. Not in a drought they won't.

Anyway, she basically starved them and eventually surrendered them back to the breeder rather than face an RSPCA charge of cruelty.

This is where I came in.

The breeder [ Rosie S ] works with my David at his day placement. I had already indicated my willingness to buy one of her next season's doe kids, so she asked me how I felt about rehabilitating one of the poor abused twins for a very very reduced purchase price after she'd spent two weeks feeding them up.
Of course I said yes, but no goat of mine was going to be named Crystal so she became Rosie.
That day when Rosie S opened the back of the ute, I looked at this frail little girl and just fell in love.
Later, when I met Rosie S's daughter, Ruby, I thought "How perfect is that? If my Rosie ever has a doe kid, I'm going to name it Ruby"

which patently obviously I have done :]

anyway today Rosie and Ruby came over to visit Ruby2. Do you think there's a resemblance?

It's been a tough couple of years for them: a retrovirus called CAE [ goat aids ] decimated half the herd, including my Rosie's mother, twin and niece, and then the drought pretty much took care of the rest. They only have 2 left out of a herd of 40 ... but for today at least they were happy girls.

Now just think. If they'd come over to visit yesterday, I could've titled the post Ruby Tuesday... or as RoseRed pointed out Ruby Shoesday


Mia said...

Ruby Tuesday hehehe. Those little babies are TOO cute!! I wanna hold one!

MadMad said...

Well, both Rubys (Rubies? Ruby's?) ARE cute... that's a resemblance, right?

Rose Red said...

Or, if Ruby had visited on Tuesday and tried on your shoes, then you could have named the post Ruby SHOESday!

(I'm not really that obsessed with shoes...)

Wish I could visit Ruby & Rowan!

Tanya Brown said...

Bless you for adopting Rosie. She's a beautiful girl, the picture of health now.

I can't abide people who don't take care of the animals in their custody.