Saturday, September 15, 2007

Probably too much information [ and baby photos at the end ]

Remember last week when I was soooooooooooooo ill? The 'tossing up my toes, couldn't keep down a teaspoon of water for long enough to swallow a pill' type of ill?

Turns out it was a reaction to the new BP meds.

I have a sensitivity to sulphur based drugs [ Bactrim, Erythromycin, etc ] and it's on my file at the Doctor's but sometimes the system lets me down. Modern drugs have so many contra indication warnings that the surgery's computer will only kick up the most common. Turns out that the bit about sulphur and Naturalix didn't make it into the PC. Ooops. So sorry.

Yeah. Well thanks to that little goof, I not only had the three miserable days last weekend, I nearly ended up in hospital yesterday. Should've been if the truth be known.

I didn't restart the meds again until Thursday because there was that little nag at the back of my brain that was saying maybe last week's misery was more than just the migraine. The timing was suspicious. So anyway, I wasn't going to risk it whileI was still waiting for Rosie to produce the goods or even the first couple of days while I recovered from the last bout and the subsequent baby-induced sleepless nights.

So cue Thursday night.

David was being taken out for a birthday tea by his social group in advance of the actual day which is the 18th, so I headed over to have dinner with Robyn and Martin after feeding and milking.

Dinner was had, conversation enjoyed, and then I started feeling lousy. Not migraine and tummy like last week. This was the other end.

How to be the perfect dinner guest, huh?

Anyway long story shorter, it got a lot worse once I got home, and from midnight all I was producing was blood.

What I SHOULD'VE done, if I'd had any sense at all, was called an ambulance and just gone to A & E but when you're the sole carer for a severely autistic person who cannot be left in the house alone and who totally freaks in hospitals, and you're out in the middle of the bush, that's not really the easy option. If anything REALLY awful happened I suppose I'd call Robyn to hold the fort until Carer Support could organise something but I can be a wee bit stubborn [ what? No! ] and it was the middle of the freaking night and she lives 15 km away.

So another god-awful night of pain and no sleep, an early morning call to the surgery, a shot in the tail and something for the trots and I'm a whole new woman. One new thing I learned was that one of the side effects of dehydration is that the BP goes down for a while. Did you guys know that?

PND and Brenda came over and took care of the morning feed and milking and by mid day I was able to cope with the next feed. PND came over anyway just in case I needed a hand.

If you're still with me after all that, here's today's cute baby photos:

Ruby has invented a new variation on leap-frog

Rowan wants to thank you all for your concern and to show you that the ankles are getting stronger [ there was even an attempt at some frisking and gamboling but I didn't quite time the camera right ]

She still has a way to go in the manners department though:

"Feet off the table Ro[wa]n!" - bonus points if you get the reference.
and if you spotted that the burn marks on Rowan's head seem much smaller and less defined than on Ruby,they're not really. It's because Rowan has longer hair and I brushed it forward with my fingers to make the black less obvious in the photos.

ETA The cats have been complaining about the one-sided nature of the photos this week, so just to keep them sweet, here's Ms Caramel with BBB [ Big Brown Bear or as he will be henceforth referred to - Threebie ] Although now I guess I'm going to have protests from the other two. Can't win.
Edited some more to add:Nadie has embedded some video of Ruby and Rowan on her blog here and here


Sheepish Annie said...

Oh you poor thing!!! I know what you mean about resisting the hospital, though. I once drove myself to the emergency room during what seemed like a heart attack. (but wasn't) I didn't want to be a bother... If you're an independent person, you tend to want to do it yourself.

I'm so glad that you're feeling better and that you've worked out the cause of your illness. I'm also glad that you posted pictures of happier goats and a super happy Ms. Caramel! It's nice that everyone is getting past any upset. I do love seeing that kitty so content. She has earned some peace, I think. (as have you)

Alice said...

Susan - I must have missed something somewhere along the line because I didn't realise that you were ill. You've certainly had a horrible time, and the other anxieties of not being able to call someone 'at the drop of a hat' make it even worse.

I'm so glad that you responded so quickly to the necessary treatment. I guess the moral of the story is that you will interrogate all medicos in future about the contents of any prescription.

I hope you're now well enough to enjoy your 'babies', and the cats, of course.

Tanya Brown said...

Oh, my goodness! Not TMI at all - we all have bodies and they work more or less the same way. This sounds simply terrifying. I'm glad you're past it.

vanessa said...

i'm glad you are feeling better! what a scare!

thanks for my welcome to grandmotherhood :-)

Linda said...

Yikes - this does not sound like it has been nice.

Glad you have turned the corner.

And thank you for the comments on my blog. (ooops, nearly wrote "my bog".

Caitlin O'Connor said...

ARRGH! My first reaction is to want to shake you and say you sill thang, you could've been in REAL TROUBLE! (But that's only cos I loves ya, ok?) SERIOUSLY, I know you have to deal with D's autism, but for Goddess's sake, woman, next time CALL AN AMBULANCE!!!
Small rant over, I think.
I hope you're feeling much much better and that life at Chez Catsmum is returning to normal....

MadMad said...

Oh, no! I'm sorry you were so sick - it is so awful when you know you should call a doctor/hospital... and can't. I'm glad you're feeling better!

Thanks for all the baby goat pix and the cat one. I love coming here and seeing them. I'm not going farther down to read about the... dehorning?! Oh my. That's too much for me to handle.