Sunday, September 16, 2007

bullet points and pics

Been a busy weekend and I'm probably still not back on form after the episode on Thursday night, so it's a bullet points post plus pics tonight I'm afraid:

  • This is why we are happy that the girls take more after Rosie than Blackadder. He's got a pedigree as long as your arm and the sweetest nature, but not exactly tops in the looks department. He does make pretty babies though :]

  • PND and Brenda are joking about hanging some of those helium filled baby balloons over his pen.

  • PNDs girlies. Mum in the middle is in kid to Blackadder as well, so Ruby and Rowan will have half sisters in about a month. The other two are her daughters from last year [different sire] All much shorter in the legs department than Rosie is and although the mummy is the same mix as my baby girls, she threw more to the anglo nubian. I suspect, from the length of leg they have now, that Ruby and Rowan will be taller.
  • this is my spiffy new cooking thermometer. Not that I'm going to cook with it. Nope. It's for getting the milk temps just right when I'm pasteurising and when I'm heating up the bottles for the babies.
  • Gotta love that macro button on the camera that lets you take photos in so close and so clearly - if you don't know whether or not your camera has one, there's probably a button or setting with a symbol that looks like a tulip.
  • Robyne-with-an-e and Paul came over from Daylesford this morning for a baby cuddle and to trim Rosie's toes. Robyne is one of my quilting and knitting friends. The shared love of goats is an added bonus. She bought Rosie a baby card [!] and fussed because she didn't have a shower gift. We had a lovely light lunch of soup and bread followed by yummy ginger and date cake from the Daylesford Market. Great big gobs of crystalised ginger and SO moist from the dates. Fabbo. Check out Robyne's gorgeous Noro Silk Garden cardi.
  • Rowan's ears don't seem to be the narrow Saanen ears after all. They seem to have uncurled a bit so that they're more like Ruby's - more the floppy, broad, anglo-nubian.
  • Val and The Man Who Cooks popped in yesterday also for baby snuggles but we forgot to get any photos.
  • Keep forgetting to tell you [ did you like my attempt at casual ? ] that my Licorice Allsorts quilt is in the current Down Under Quilts as a project. Normally this would be the source of great excitement but between the arrival of the babies and the health problems, it kinda skipped my attention. For which I really must apologize to Erica ... it's a brilliant issue IMHO and so was last month. All mags have some issues that are better than others but Erica consistently gets a good mix. The photo in the mag is of course much brighter and clearer - this was just one I took at our quilt show last year. The funny thing is that in the mag, isolated on the page without any visual cues as to size, the quilt looks so much smaller than the queen size it is. If I was just flipping through and saw it, without checking the written measurements, I'd probably visualise maybe a bit over a metre square.


Sheepish Annie said...

Once again, you've put up a picture of a quilt that makes me drool and want to give this art form another try. But I can't.

I'm too busy cooing over the kids and envying Robyne's gorgeous sweater. Love that. Love it all the way through the computer screen and across the globe. I also love the cooking thermometer, but not enough to get on a plane and try to steal it or anything.

Lisa L said...

OMG! You are a lifesaver! I've been beating myself over my head trying to get good closeup shots - then I went looking for the Tulip! Woo Hoo!!!! It works!

catsmum said...

Happy to be of service Lisa :]

MadMad said...

That quilt is absolutely FREAKING STUNNING! I probably over-use that word. But with you? I mean it. WOW. OK. I'm off to read about the goatsies - I seem to have missed a few posts. Where was I?

Tanya Brown said...

Both your kids and your quilt are remarkable. Thank you for sharing them.

Alice said...

That Licorice Allsorts quilt is even more colourful than the real thing that Dad used to buy when we were kids.

I must check out 'Down Under Quilts' Oh, to be famous

Val said...

Heheh, now I know why you were so glad the kids didn't take after their dad - he's a bit of a shocker!

Yeah, I thought about the lost photo op afterwards too. Would have been fun to have one of Rosie nibbling on Mel's hiking boots - what a goatie thing to do!

crazyhaberdasher said...

Congratulations on the Quilt! ..both for being gorgeous and being in print!
Lovely goatie photos!
Great photo of Robyne and gorgeous jacket!
Do you hope that everything is back to normal re health!
I found a tulip too woohoo...took a photo of a thimble - crystal clear!!
Thanks!! XXX

crazyhaberdasher said...

Oops! delete you in third comment...old grey matter firing up a bit too fast!!

crazyhaberdasher said...

AAAArrrrgggghhhh! I will get it right eventually - it should be delete "you" in FOURTH! comment!

Jejune said...

Congrats on getting into the magazine!

Love the look of that cooking thermometer too! I'm all jealous like now :)
Give those babies a cuddle from me and Dotter, we both squeaked at the cute photos!!

Helen said...

I just got my copy of Down Under Quilts today from the mag shop (in NZ)and was admiring this quilt. Congratulations, it is really zingy.

Carol said...

What a spectacular quilt, it's absolutely brilliant. It would brighten up any room. I adore it.