Sunday, June 03, 2007

random snapshots of my week

One of these days I'll take you for a visual walk round the immediate vicinity, but this week has been more of a 'jump in the car' week ... or to be more precise, given the cracked coccyx... an 'ease gently into the car' week. Notwithstanding, here are a few random shots that didn't make it into posts:

Windmill and adjacent interesting ricketty wooden structure on the Malloort Plains on the way over to Maryborough. There are a number of these wooden platforms in various states of extreme disrespair and always in close proximity to a windmill so I suppose that at some time in the distant past they were tank stands or something.

My home away from home: The Coffee Bean. The lovely Donna who has just found out that she's having twins, 11 years after producing #1 son Jackson. Any excuse for me to start cranking out tiny mittens!! and bootees? and beanies?

This is Tom. A local character whom I only know through the amount of time we both spend hanging at The Bean. Nice Man. Donna told me to take his photo so of course I obliged :] You can just TELL that he's one of those salt of the earth country blokes , can't you?
Back at The Bean, this time with David, Jessie and Robbyn in the background in the green cardi. Obviously, I spend far too much time there.

This is the local Wizard. Well actually he lives in Bendigo but seen frequently around Castlemaine. Nice chap. Didn't turn a hair when I asked if it was okay to take a piccy and post it here.

Usually seen in a kilt and top hat but yesterday he was obviously having a Johnny Depp moment. Note the spiffy wizard's staff. Wizards are obviously not averse to a skinny cap at Saffs. [ Nadie and Chris came up on the train Friday night and we all went to lunch at Saff's yesterday cos The Coffee Bean isn't open on a Saturday afternoon. They had three attempts at getting the coffee order right, without success. Food was bloody good though. ]

There WAS knitting this week and quilting too

just no photos

and to finish up a rather photo heavy post:

PND's saanan/anglo-nubian kids


some of the denizens of Fryerstown


Bells said...

love the pirate dude!!!

Oh you are going to be busy with the twins on the horizon - looking forward to seeing what you produce.

crazyhaberdasher said...

The instant I saw him I knew who he was.....I showed Chris. I wonder if he has a job, or is this his job, a town attraction!

catsmum said...

Well, Maz, I thought YOU'D recognize him because we were in your car the last time I saw him!!

catsmum said...

and I'm not sure whether Wizard is a job description or his religeous affiliation

Val said...

I loved being taken to your haunts in Castlemaine, especially when I know some of the venues so well. Surprised that Saff's had trouble with the coffee order though. Have you tried Edda's? You know, the one in the former funeral parlor next to the art gallery? Nice vibe!

I must admit I've never seen the Wizard, even in kilt. I think I would have noticed! I must try to get to The Bean when we're there on a weekday.

Only one week until we're up there too.

Robbyn said...

I must admit to vastly enjoying your little random travelogues - they give me the opportunity to see parts of a country I'll probably never get the chance to visit.

Your photographs are wonderful :) The wizaed has interesting eyes, doesn't he? But I especially liked the 'roo paddock. We don't see many of those here in Massachusetts :)

Sheepish Annie said...

I do love a good tour, be it on foot or by car. And being able to do it from my couch is even better. Add a kangaroo or two and I'm a happy Sheepie!

And coffee. Coffee is good, too. I think I need a cup now!

Bird on a wire said...

The windmill made me nostalgic, I grew up in Australia,
Sally B

Rose Red said...

heh, a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock!
Love the Wizard.

mehitabel said...

Thanks for the tour--now I want to come and hang out in YOUR Coffee Bean--I do spend a fair amount of time in our not-so-local Coffee Bean, a good knitting venue. But I'm getting a yen to go back to Australia!