Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Random Photo Wednesday

In totally random fashion, because once again I couldn't work up a clever segue to save myself:
my new[?] kindling box which Chris and Maz found at an antiques place on the weekend. Looks much more suitably rustic than the blue placcy tub. Just ignore the classy cardboard box on top of it. That's been moved out of sight... and yes I can get excited about a big rusty box. I can even get worked up about this:
the woodpile by the kitchen door. Most important if you live in the bush and have wood heating. Specially when the overnight hovers around zero.
Chris was a busy boy while they were up. Wood got chopped, gutters cleaned, I learned how to operate my new chainsaw, and a fancy schmancy system was installed to divert the gumleaves out of the water supply.

Ms Rosie and Robbyn would appear to be taking a very close interest in Chris's posterior... actually, I think they were trying to figure out whether they could muscle past him, through the open gate, and make a break for freedom and my rose garden. Straight after I shot the pic, they were incarcerated in the slammer... I mean, the goat shed.
...and still on the subject of four hoofed beasties:
You may remember the super cute sheepie tape measure from Lantern Moon that Chris and Maz gave me earlier in the year... well... there is a whole flock of them over at Daylesford, including the black sheep of the family :]

I am SO tempted by that little black one. Don't need it , I know, but what's THAT got to do with anything?

[ Nadie: Mothers' Day ?]

One member of the flock has obviously been over indulging in all that lovely green grass. How else do you explain the size of this one. It's actually a floor mat but I prefer to think of it as a tape measure sheep that ate too much. The Sheep That Ate Daylesford.

...and speaking of Purl's Palace at Daylesford, which is what I was doing, those of you who know Zoe may be concerned to hear that she fell through the verandah at the back of the shop last Tuesday where a phone technician had lifted some boards, broke 2 ribs and was hospitalised till the weekend. Got rushed to Bendigo when it looked like there may have been more damage but luckily that wasn't the case.
Today was spent at Bellydancing and Patchwork [ I'm talking about me now, not Zoe ] so I think tonight may be for some housework.
Stop laughing.
Okay that's about it for now. There are other photos but I'll save them for tomorrow.
ETA Since some concern has been expressed by Val in the comments, perhaps I should ellucidate re the chainsaw. Full sized chainsaws scare me silly, as they do most right thinking women. However, there is a limit to what I can split with an axe [ what with the FMS and all ] so Chris has been bugging me for months about the lightweight chainsaw that he found at Bunnings. Geez, anything to get out of wood chopping [ kidding ]
Anyway, even though he DID explain it over the phone, I really needed to see it. Which I did. When we all went to Bendigonia last week.
If a chainsaw can be said to be cute, well, this is cute.
It's got two handles each with it's own 'on' button which has to be held down for it to operate [ so you can't operate it without both hands being safely on the handles... very important ] the chain is guarded and the whole shebang weighs 3kgs. [ 7 lbs ]
Don't mess with me. I'm a chainsaw wielding woman!


Rose Red said...

Oh I know the importance of a good wood pile and kindling box (I love those old trunks!).
Heh - the sheep that ate Daylesford - love it!

Val said...

You operate a chainsaw?!?!?!?!?

catsmum said...

a very ladylike chainsaw that only weighs 3 kgs.
Ya gotta respect a woman with her own chainsaw !!

The One and Only Nadie said...

oh dear

catsmum said...

Oh dear Zoe got hurt? or oh dear, your mother has a chainsaw??

Mia said...

hey, there's a lot to be said for "lady-size" power tools.. you go girl! I've got a few lately, but I never thought of getting my own saw!!

Tanya Brown said...

Holy cow, you've been busy! I, too like the kindling box. It has character.

Nothing wrong with a female using a chain saw. I have yet to see one that has a special control that requires male genitalia.

catsmum said...

True Tanya, but some of them [ chainsaws I mean ] are heavy enough to require male type upper body strength, and in my case, that is compromised even further by the FMS, so it was more of a weight issue ... and I do know some guys who are scared silly of chainsaws :]

The Boy said...

I'll still use the trusty ol' axe when I come up next, should there be wood to be destructed into fire-size pieces. There's nothing manly about letting a power tool do all the work for you.

Caitlin O'Connor said...

OMG I NEEEEEEED A SHEEPY TAPE MEASURE!!! Sweetie, can you get me one and I'll send you a money order /gift certificate/fabric/whatever? pleeeeeeeease?!?!

Chainsaw GOOD. *Makes Tim Allen Tool Time noise* hrrm hrrrm hrrrm POWER!! Nice chainsaw. Pretty chainsaw. You show pic of chainsaw wielding momma? Hrrm hrrrm hrrrrm.

Caity - dazzled by the power, obviously....

The One and Only Nadie said...

The 'oh dear' was in relation to the chainsaw, specifically concerns about you operating one when you are effectively on your own out in the bush, with a tendency to lose your phone.

As long as it requires both hands on the handles to operate should be ok, have fun!