Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ageing gracefully

There is yarn in my stash that is older than some of the people who read this blog... and while I may not necessarily know the exact date of acquisition for all of my yarn, I DO know for a fact that THIS is left over from a jumper that I knitted in 1972 or 73.

and here's the proof:

that's me wearing it near Bairnesdale, Victoria midwinter, 1973. ETA Chris [that's Stephen's Godfather Chris, not Nadie's Chris or Daughter in law Chris ] wants to claim photographic credit.
I remember when I first saw a print of this photo, I thought "Gee, those cords make me look fat" but now my perspective is a little different. Now I look at it and think " What possessed me to knit a whole bloody jumper in bright YELLOW?"

I decided that the time had come to use the one lonely little ball that was still languishing in the deep dark depths of the baby wool tub, but there are limits to what can be achieved with slightly less than 25grams. Ergo, a pair of bootees.


vintage [!!] Patons Patonyle

2.5mm hook

and an old Patons pattern that has been reprinted umpty gazillion times but I used the Patons Bootees Galore Book 652

The leftover leftovers are in the process of being turned into a matching beanie. I'm working top down and basically I'm going to keep crocheting till I run out, then switch to white for a roll up brim and then I'll make the ankle tie for the bootees to match.

oh and just as an aside, you could say that winter has indeed arrived. For the second time since June 1, this was the overnight temp. and the birdbath was frozen.
The blue wrens are not amused.
Just out of curiosity, what is the oldest yarn in your stash? Did you buy it new? or is it perhaps the remnant of an older relative's past knitting endeavours?
For that matter, if you're a quilter, what's the oldest fabric that you bought new? Enquiring minds [ well Maz and I ] want to know!


Tanya Brown said...

Oldest yarn in my stash ... hmmm ... it would date from the eighth or ninth grade, which was in 1978 or 1979. It's an itchy red acrylic of the variety which was carried in the dime stores of that era and graced many toilet tanks in the form of poodle-shaped toilet paper covers.

There was not a darned thing to do in the part of the country where I grew up, so I'd rub my fingers raw every summer making blindingly horrible garments out of that detestable yarn, which was all I could lay my hands on.

Good times. Good times. I'm glad they're over.

Bells said...

ha ha ha. Oh that's great. It's the same age as i am, or maybe a year younger.

Just goes to show, we should never ditch stash!

Sheepish Annie said...

I'm maybe six or seven years older than the yarn. Which explains why it is in better shape than I.

I got rid of a lot of yarn when I stopped knitting/crocheting a number of years ago. (no loss...very cheap stuff) But I did just run across some cotton that has been kicking around for ten or so years. Apparently I was on a dishcloth kick even back in the day!

Rose Red said...

I am just a teeny tiny bit older than your yarn! Love the booties, they are very cute! Oldest yarn in my stash - that's a good idea for a post!

Mia said...

"a whole bloddy jumper in bright YELLOW" ::laughing my ass off::

Don't ya wonder sometimes why we did that stuff back in the day :)

but it sure made some adorable booties :)

The One and Only Nadie said...

You in yellow. HA! Hang your head in shame! and yeah, sure those cords made you look fat. I grew out of your remaining 70's pants when I was what? 10? Pfft.

On the subject of the frozen bird bath, at least there's a healthy amount of water in there to freeze over.