Sunday, May 16, 2010

monster n my garden

Do you remember when I showed you that strange Ox Tongue Lilly flower ?
Well, it's taken 2 months but finally the leaves have started to appear
perhaps now you can see why it's named as it is

mine is a little too constricted in that pot so the leaves really aren't as large and fleshy as some I've seen ... but that's fine with me because quite frankly they can be a bit disturbing.
Sort of like Mick Jagger's lips.


Ozjane said...

They remind me of the tongue of a cow.

Vickie said...

seeing weird looking plants makes me wonder how they came about ,cheers Vickie

Alwen said...

To me it looks like an open (green) duck's bill!

Lynne said...

Mick Jagger's lips are definitely disturbing!

And, to change the subject entirely, are you enjoying the new Dr Who series? WM says it's really good (I'm not a fan; I prefer "Who Do You Think You Are?")

Donna Lee said...

They are rather fleshy looking. I find very large plants disturbing. I'm always afraid they're plotting a take over.