Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy [2nd] Bear-thday

Bear was up bright and early to unwrap his present,

at all times keeping a watchful eye on the marauding magpies

then we proceeded to the totally misnamed Emu Creek [ no emus and no creek that I could see either ] so that he could give Misty a belated Mother's Day gift,

while I made sure that I had a small natal pressie for his sister Molly [ that's mum on the left above ]

After a far too generously sized lunch, Brenda and I and dawgs took the obligatory post-prandial perambulation to inspect the livestock
a couple of the locals were feeling a bit bullish and declined to be interviewed for the blog,while Ceefer left us in no doubt as to her feelings about the sudden appearance of yet another canine interloper

[ Cee-fer Cat ... yes, okay Pete, I get it ... groan ]

As Bear has been raised by cats, and one of them a psychotic tortoiseshell, he suddenly developed an overwhelming urge to inspect the far side of the veggie patch ...

Who said he's a Bear of very little brain ?


Lynne said...

And a lovely day was had by all (with the exception of poor Ceefer!)

Ozjane said...

How come Bear
Got all the Hair?

he is too darn photogenic for his own good. But I am so glad he remembered his mother.
Moggie unfortunately found no CATalog's to her liking this year..so only licks and kisses for Mum this year. But we used her previous year or was it years canteen of cutlery when we had 8 for ladies lunch on Monday....and I am still wrecked.....not that gym and shopping later helped much.
off to bed early me thinks.

Caprifool said...

Cool! Your countryside looks like ours! :-)

gayle said...

Bear is an adorable birthday boy. And sweet, too, to visit his mother.

Michele said...

That ole Pooh Bear is a heart breaker, alright. Wish he could come over for a play date with my guys. Michele

Alwen said...

He's turned into a very gorgeous Bear. Remember his puppy days?

Carol said...

Woof woof. That's Lucky and Molly giving Bear a belated happy birthday wish.