Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Of television and Noah's Ark

The big rear projection unit that I bought for Marc as a 25th anniversary present just before he passed away is no more.
Well technically it still works but the convergence has slipped so that all the yellows have dropped down a few inches and everything has a strange jaundiced shadow.
I was told [ AFTER it was purchased ] that these tvs had a probable lifespan of 7 or 8 years, and that once it went, it would be too expensive to justify getting it fixed.
If I could.get it fixed that is
apparently rear projection is a technological dinosaur.
It's lasted over 10 years so I probably can't complain
The Boy internet searched and found this mob, a selection was made, Paypal swung into action, and four days later there was a delivery truck in my driveway.
... and that was a week ago
the box has sat in David's room
for a week

Nadie came up on the train yesterday and helped me to move furniture and install - which is to say, I mostly did the moving and she did the installing.
The plan was for David's 6 month old Panasonic Hi-def, which is really too big for the small room, to have a change of scene into the rumpus room, and the slightly smaller new Kogan [ which The Boy tells me is last year's Samsung rebranded basically ] for David.

toooooo many wires
most of them redundant with the newer technology
have I mentioned that I'm technically dislexic ?
The old tv was a stand alone elephantine thing.
The DVD player lived in a corner unit that Marc had built - along with my entire knitting and crochet book/pattern collection AND all the DVDs and most of my CD collection
The cables etc for the tv and the AUSTAR satellite were naturally where the old tv had stood , so the corner unit needed to be moved
but first it needed to be emptied

I have a LOT of CDs and a lot lot lot of knitting stuff [ that's like a lot only more ]

it doesn't make for neat piles
it slips and slithers
and attacks innocent nearby elderly cats

so, as it turns out, the actual hooking up / figuring out part of the process was relatively quick and painless.
Moving stuff not so much.

Of course once we moved the corner unit, the carved chinese camphor-chest-that-I-got-for-my-eighteenth-birthday-as-a-Hope-Chest didn't fit so well and looked odd, so we moved that
and then we moved the old Singer treadle
and the armchair
and the other armchair
and the couch
and a standard lamp
and then I put everything ... almost everything ... back into the storage thingy.

and then I collapsed on the couch while Nadie finished making the dinner I'd started
then we held an 11th Doctor [Who] mini marathon while I put the finishing embroidered touches on this

which is going to accompany Nadie and I down to Melbourne in about an hour for a certain little man.
It's not a new 'specially made for the baby' quilt. It was actually made back in 1994, but just seemed like a natural fit for a kid named Noah.
so all I needed to add was his full name and birthdate

new baby snuzzles today


Lynne said...

Such excitement! You know what they say, "A change is as good as a holiday"!

I agree - a most appropriate gift for a kid called Noah!

Enjoy the snuzzles - I wouldn't be without mine!

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

Gorgeous quilt. I'm sure Noah will love it <#

Rose Red said...

ooooh, new baby snuzzles - lovely! And well deserved after all that moving work!

The quilt is gorgeous - destined for the new boy in your life!

Jessi said...

Love the snuzzles!

Alwen said...

Whew, all that moving!

I haaaaaaate moving furniture. Someone else got my "Let's move the couch over there!" gene.