Tuesday, April 13, 2010

but they're good for you ... really

I'm sure most of you have experience of kids who won't eat their fruit-and-veggies

or won't eat them if they're green [ yes Nadie, I'm looking at you ]

or who only live on one or two food items,
like maybe Vegemite sandwiches and mashed potatoes

We all know the value of a balanced diet and the consequences of a poor one
So I was pondering this very issue and getting a bit concerned about the recent lack of variety in my knitting diet

thought I might perhaps be suffering a bad case of knitstipation

that was until I got a comment on a recent post from Susan Lawrence who is the designer of my favourite shawl pattern-that-I-just-finished-another-one-of

some lady in the UK has made 31 Forest Canopy Shawls
so I'm ok
and to proove that I don't have a problem, I just cast on for ...



edited to add:
I forgot to mention that the yarn was vintage Cleckheaton Riverina 5ply [sport] generously given to me last year by OzJane. I'm not sure whether it was hers or her late mum's but either way at least some of it has been put to good use.
It took just over 6 of the old style 25 gram balls - so just over 150 grams.


Lottery Girl said...

What a lovely shawl! You do gorgeous work!

Anonymous said...

31?? Wow. I love that shawl but that's a lot of repetition. It was the first one I ever made and the one I wear more than any other. But wow!

And adamas was about the second or third I made. Two great choices!

Lynne said...

How lovely to get a comment from the designer herself. If you like it and it doesn't bore you, go for it!

ozjane said...

looks heaps better than in a bag at thee bottom of a cupboard.
They look so good one could almost.......I did say almost..be tempted.

Alwen said...

See, they're like chips/crisps - you can't stop at just one!