Wednesday, April 07, 2010

not that you'd ever know it but ...

Nonna Lidia is NOT an animal person
but Oakley, Sophie and Bear don't accept that

I never quite know how to refer to Nonna.
So sometimes she gets introduced as Stephen / David / Nadie's grandmother
or Marc's mum
or my late-husband's mum

I mean I can't call her my ex mother-in-law
but somehow referring to her as my MIL doesn't always sit right either

Anyway, whatever I call her, I took Nonna for the 2 hour drive back to Melbourne this morning, combining it with a dental appointment [ I've had the same dentist for 35 years and he is NOT allowed to retire ]
Nadie had her annual checkup booked for straight after mine and then we went back and had lunch with Nonna [ like she hadn't seen enough of me this week! ]

I carted home a bag of chillies and 3 bags of Fujoa fruit, and can state that the goats, after some initial caution, have voted in the affirmative for fujoa [ and no I couldn't have made fujoa jam because - quite apart from the fact that I don't have the necessary equipment ... or know how ... or the slightest inclination - this stuff had been on the ground for goodness knows how long. If I suddenly decide on a career in jam making, I'll pick the umpty gazillion still on her tree ]

Bear is obviously suffering separation anxiety and hasn't moved more than a metre away from my feet since I got him out of his day incarceration in the goat house.

and yes, okay, there may have been a slight detour on the way home


Jan said...

That doesn't look like a very big detour! LOL.

Animals are usually sensitive to "no-like vibes." They appear to have completely disregarded any from Nonna.

ozjane said...

Sophie and Bear did better with Nonna than any of my Moggies managed with Mum, although she did tolerate Moggie Two, who was the crazy unstable one.......Hmmmmmmmmm
put that thought away you wicked child....
They bonded when Mogs was a kitten and Mum was here recovering from back surgery and I would come home from school and find them asleep in bed together...
I just love the look on Nonna's face. I recognize it.

Donna Lee said...

I have an aunt who hates cats. So, who do the cats rub all over? Of course it's her. I have to shoo them away when she visits.

I love the red fabric with the bunnies! (they are bunnies, aren't they?)

catsmum said...

Yes Donna Lee - Japanese rabbits in some sort of trafitional costume - how could I resist ?

Lynne said...

Poor Nonna - she doesn't look very impressed.

Cute fabric - how could you resist indeed?

Alwen said...

Oh, I love the pine-needley fabric and the rabbits in - are those kimono?

(Eh? Verification word is "mated"!)

catsmum said...

yes Alwen - rabbits in kimono - if it hadn't been $20 something a metre, I would've bought a much bigger piece and made myself a pair of funky trousers [ I was going to say hippy pants but I think pants is what some of you Americans call underwear... am I right in that ? ... and I wouldn't want to give anyone the wrong idea LOL ]

Bengigirl said...

Thanks Susan for having a go at my naming my scrapbook kit, I have been short of participants lol! So I thank you for your support.Can I have your email addie so I can send your 40% coupon for when the kit goes live 18th April at DigiScrapStation

catsmum said...

what I find really interesting is that Bear clearly knows he's less than welcome whereas the cats it's more " You WILL adore me"