Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter

Nadie and Chris arrived yesterday along with Nonna.They've just rolled off home stuffed to the gills, but Nonna is staying on for a few days.

lunch today involved
prawnsNonna's lasagnewith Bear and Oakley acting as pre-dishwasher cleanup crew

roast turkey and loads of veggies cooked in a variety of ways

there was Colomba [ Italian Easter version of Panettone ] with custard but we didn't manage to fit that in until well into mid afternoon because we were all too busy digesting.

There was a post-prandial perambulation with the dog

and the modelling of my newly blocked and dried Kiri shawl
this is more of a shawlette because I made it from a single ball of Sophie's Toes given to me last year by my dear and good friend, the lovely Lisette.

pattern: Kiri [ a fabulous freebie from All Tangled Up ]
needles: KP Options size 5.5mm and cast off on 7mm
mods : an extra couple of rows in the edging - didn't want to waste any of the available yarn ]
yarn : Sophie's Toes by Emily Parsons
... Once I got going, I wasn't entirely sure it was going to work because this is a very springy sproingy sock yarn but there were other [ beautiful ] shawls made in it on Ravelry so I trusted in the power of the Internet and kept on going. Of course it all blocked out just bee-ooo-ti-full-y.

Thank-you Ravelry!
and double Thank-you Lisette !


ozjane said...

Sounds like a delightful gathering and eating.
I am not prepared to confess what I ate except to say that rare for me, it would come close to qualifying as junk food. Decided back was to sore to drag into clothes this morning so have been a quiet Easter day.
Moggie had gone to bed until I opened the sliding door to put out some bottles of water and seasol...My Easter gift was the replacement of a top grafted weeping frilly Japanese maple. I gave the original to Mum, moved it here and it did really well.....tis the drought...pulled out two before summer.
Now where will it go?
I am reluctant to put it out the front where it risks being lifted.
And have somewhat run out of spots for pots in the back. I need your acreage......

Rose Red said...

Sounds like a fabulous feast for lunch (mmmm lasagne!) and your shawl is gorgeous and most fetchingly modelled!

lisette said...

oh it's a beautiful kiri - well done :) and xxxx

Bengigirl said...

Really beautiful, I am so envious.

Cal (SkyNorth on Ravelry) said...

love the shawl! and i love your kitties too:-) The gingery one looks like one of ours, Spangle, so I'm biased only a little bit!
Why do so many yarnies have cats?!
I love reading your blog btw - don't stop!

Warty Mammal said...

I think I'd better get some sleep. I started browsing this post and rapidly became convinced that you were teaching prawns to knit. Not that you couldn't if you decided to, mind you.

catsmum said...

and Emily Parsons herself has now let me know - via ravelry - that this colourway is called Whispering Pines - which is just the perfect name so I've renamed the shawl.
Mind you, round here it's more a case of whispering gums but they are a completely different cast of green and grey, so Whispering Pines Shawl it is from here on in.