Saturday, April 03, 2010

Little visitor

Bear and MissC were completely engrossed with a ... something ... a little way out from the front of the house.
There was no hysterical barking going on, just a heightened awareness, but I wandered over just in case it was something brown, legless and slithery.

It WAS kinda brown

and you could stretch a point and call it slithery

but thankfully there were definite legs

After a short photographic session, the little dragon seems to have decided that retreat might possibly be the better part of valour
I really wish I'd had the presence of mind to flip the camera over to video because these little guys don't just run on all fours ... nope ... it's up on those long, back legs and, knees pumping furiously, aw-a-a-a-ay he goes.


lisette said...

cool!! i held one of these y at the reptile place in alice springs - they're fabulous

btw if the pond quilt doesn't sell in europe it's yours :)

Lynne said...

My DD also had one of these on her head at the reptile place in Alice Springs - but a live, wild one isso much better (don't tell DD!! LOL)

Caprifool said...

Aw, it's CUTE! :-)

Alwen said...

Now that's one of the things that has a totally foreign flavor to me. Michigan has frogs, toads, salamanders, snakes, but the only leggy reptiles are in zoos!