Monday, August 20, 2007

monday musings

Spring is waiting in the wings but Old Man Winter hasn't quite given in yet. He's a stubborn old beggar, quite capable of giving us freezing temps into October.

This morning's minimum temp was minus 1.9 C for the second day and it was a bracing .1 [ yup point one ] when I went out to chop firewood before breakfast in an attempt to resuscitate the fire which had almost, but not quite, expired during the night.

Once the sun came out it turned into the perfect [almost] Spring day, so after dance class this morning and a timely migraine tablet, I spent the afternoon milking Rosie, pulling umpty-gazillion weeds and admiring the new colours in the garden.

The irises are just days away from opening, the jonquils are out, and today I found the first of the daffs.

I may have put Sophie's nose a wee bit out of joint the other day when I enthused to her about how limber her 'niece' Suki is. I caught her surreptitiously practising her own version of feline yoga this morning. Not too bad for a middle aged moggy... and stretch that paw ... arch that spine ... and hold ... and
... relax.
and this is what I knitted over the weekend when I should've been doing other quilty related stuff.
Hand dyed 4 ply [ fingering ] machine washable baby wool from Bendy.
3.25mm needles
started off with a vintage Patons pattern and then sort of went my own way - mainly because I wasn't paying attention - and repeated the lace pattern row an extra time and then decided 'what the hell' and just made the rest up as I went along.


crazyhaberdasher said...

..should record these patterns and publish your own book...loverly. And loverly flowers, should get some photos when we come up soon and publish my book...."Spring flowers at Muckleford" ......loverly!

April said...

What an absolutely beautiful kitty! And the little hat is darling, nice job. =)

Rose Red said...

Love the little bonnet, very cute, especially with the i-cord ties!

There's something magic about the first daffodil of the season isn't there!

Nora said...

And I thought it was cold in Sydney this weekend. :)

Alice said...

Lovely time of year - chilly enough to appreciate a fire, but warm enough later in the day to know that Spring is almost here. Of course, for gardeners that will mean a frantic few weeks of weeding, pruning, planting and enjoying the prospect of the flowers, fruit and vegies to come.

sarah said...

That is so cool. I get to enjoy your spring, complete with violets, while here I can feel fall coming. What an interesting world it is, and I am so incredibly glad to be here to enjoy it!

Sheepish Annie said...

Sometimes those "go your own way" patterns work out for the best. I'd say the hat is no exception! Very pretty!!

The Big, Fluffy Kitty is showing little interest in feline yoga. Her sister, though, is a natural! She is also the oldster of the group and quite limber for a gal of her advanced age. :)

Lisa L said...

I'll second Sarah and say what fun it is to watch Spring coming when we're getting ready for Fall! And the kitty yoga is too cute!

MadMad said...

Apropos of absolutely nothing in today's post - lovely pix, by the way! - but I can't find your email address, and I waited all week to tell you and your fluorescent yellow/green goat milking ways... I heard yak milk is pink! Wouldn't that be cool?! Get one of those!

catsmum said...

Yeah I knew about the yak milk = pink thing. It's won me points at more than one Trivia Night in the past !

Jane said...

Miss Sophie needs to go check out the entry in May in Five Minutes of fame.
She has made it to visiting status in another blog, just to compare the Queenly beauty of the two Queens.