Thursday, August 02, 2007

cats, cuteness and a contest

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Since I left you on Tuesday, I've had David home sick so I've basically been holed up in front of the fire reading Harry Potter 5 and 6. In the interests of not starving to death there was a small expedition into town for supplies. There may have been a modicum of housework undertaken, the odd bit of food prep, but mainly there was Harry Potter.
In cat news:
I still look like I've been hauled through a hedge backwards but the scratches and punctures are healing and the infection is under control. Caramel is still living in with the linens and still not happy but not quite the venomous level she was at. She's still hitting out but the claws are mostly being kept in now and she's not biting as hard or as often. Sophie and Oakley are still playing it safe and keeping well out of her way at all times. Mostly on top of the tv.

Caramel: 'I hate you people... cats...whatever'

Sophie: ' Can you tell I am NOT impressed?'

Oakley: 'Me? I'm just hangin' and being gorgeous where she can't get me'


Sheepish Annie said...

I hope that David is feeling better soon. Not fun to have everyone start taking sick all at once. Especially when it means being stuck at home with an attack cat!

Caitlin O'Connor said...

Here's hoping Mrs Caramel gets over herself soon!

knitnzu said...

So have you gotten to HP7? I love that you're taking oil slick pics! I looked at the oil slick and it didn't register, then the quilt, and I was trying to figure out what was that fabric with the very interesting texture and shine?! My mom and aunt have taken up quilting and I sent them your post with the poem on the quilt...wonderful idea and beautiful quilt!

Alice said...

Glad you're not looking so much like a refugee from some jungle warfare and that you're beginning to feel a little better. I'm sure super doses of Harry Potter must have helped - actually, I can't be sure of any such thing, never having opened the covers of any HP book.

Great photos of the cats (and I'm not a cat person). They all look to be such beautiful creatures, even the rogue Ms Caramel.

Hope feline harmony will be restored soon. Also hope that David will be well again soon and you can all resume doing whatever it is you like doing best.

Jejune said...

Glad you've got some good books to curl up with. I have a hubby sick in bed too :p Hope Caramel continues to slowly chill out and becomes - gasp - friendly one day.

marion said...

I was going to tell you about Milliecat, who was the one in our four who could cope with cats Or humans, but not both in the same room...and then I realised that Ms Caramel is attacking just about either she's terrified or she's just obnoxious...let's hope it's the former, huh? It took Milliecat about a year to calm herself, and at least a couple more before she'd trust the humans in her midst. Hope it all calms down soon...gorgeous quilt, btw, the oilslick piece, very yummy.

The One and Only Nadie said...

Was speaking to Fi, and she said of course they will take Caramel back if she doesn't settle. In the mean time Fi is going to keep looking for a cat free home for her. Who knew that madam only fur-child would react so violently to having feline housemates?

ikkinlala said...

I love that picture of Sophie.

alltangledup said...

such beautiful cats, esp Caramel...but she knows that doesn't she?