Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hey Baby

Nadie and The Boy looked after Riley on Friday night and she was under orders to make sure that there was plenty of photographic proof [ as I haven't seen him since April, which is a whole other story ]
Being a thoughtful and dutiful daughter, and needing no encouragement whatsoever for the wielding of the camera, she duly obliged:
My grandson is now blonde apparently and no curls. Completely takes after his mum, that one.
In a showing of great restraint, I've just pinched this one photo from his besotted aunt so if you absolutely need to see more baby photos, you can follow over there.


Sheepish Annie said...

Oh, just look at that happy little face!!!! Just look!!!!!

That is cute enough to make even a grumpy old spinster Sheep get all mushy and start singing lullabies to the cats. I'm going to put little bonnets and booties on them next. It's not going to be pretty, I tell you. Not pretty at all...

Alice said...

He's a cute litte bundle of happiness, isn't he. Sorry you don't get to see him more often for those precious cuddles.

I had the 3 grandchildren for a sleepover last night. They all found their way into our bed this morning, the attraction there being that they like to hear the water sloshing in the mattress when they wriggle. Yes, it is a waterbed ... what else were you thinking?

Lisa L said...

What a happy baby! That picture just made me laugh out loud when I loaded the page!

Tanya Brown said...

Is there anything more perfect than a baby? If so, I can't think what. He's wonderful.

Thanks for the blog comment re: my son's doctor experiences. There's quite an amazing range of opinions out there, it seems.

MadMad said...

What a cutie!!!