Monday, August 06, 2007

Mental Overload.

I'm a bit not-quite-over-the-migraine fuzzy today - or maybe it's fibro fog fuzzy - or woke-up-with-a-wry-neck-and-a-headache fuzzy. Whatever. Codeine is my friend :]
Meds on board and into town to drop off David followed by a trip to the Post Office where my head duly exploded.
Okay, so not literally 'mess all over the post office carpet' exploded...BUT
there was just SO much STUFF that my poor old foggy brain couldn't cope. There was:
count 'em: one, two, three, four, five, SIX David Hobson CDs from Alice [ currently listening to 'J'ai perdu mon Euridice' from The Live Album, thanks for asking ]
There was David's Licorice Allsorts quilt safely back from DownUnderQuilts [ project in next month's mag !!! woo hoo ]
There was a copy of THIS month's DUQ with a photo of Stephen and Christina's wedding quilt plus another japanese one done in one of my classes by Wilma Ladiges.
There was my first delivery from Unique Stitching
I signed up for their Art Quilt Collection where you get a little bag of goodies every month along with product notes, etc. There was extra in this first delivery because they were having a promotion when I signed up so my freebies included a silk hanky, cocoons, throwsters waste, and seracin fibres. You get to choose one of four colourways and it will probably come as no surprise that I went with the sea colours. This month's offering was a decent sized hunk of hand dyed silk tops and some fine tulle for the making of silk fusion/silk paper which Felicity and I have already had a play with but that's okay. Now I've got extra supplies to add to what I bought at The Wool and Sheep Show. I have to say that the cocoons freak me out a bit because they have a dry sort of rattle so one assumes there's a dead silk moth in there. Erkkk. Yuck.
...and in a piece of flawlessly seamless segue: here's what I did with the first piece of silk paper that I made with Felicity's help when she was last up. It's only a cheap $20 frame and I probably should've glued it in just a wee bit higher but I think it looks pretty damn good. I could see some more of these being birthday/chrissie pressies.

and there's another FO to be admired:
Ripplicious Crochet Baby Blanket
4mm hook

generic 8 ply / sport yarn
20 hours of labour [ love job for a friend to give as a gift ]
roughly a metre square [ 40 x 40"]
Not too damn bad considering the yarn I was supplied with was ACKrylic from S*******t [ big souless craft chain that shall remain nameless]
Now what do I do with the half dozen balls left over?

and with no segue whatsoever:

Madame Rosie wishes it to be known that she is pleased with your kind comments about her blogging ability. She also wishes you to know that she was milked for the first time today. Her kid[s] isn't/aren't due for another month or so, but she comes from such a good line of milkers that umm, let's just say that she has recently developed a pretty impressive set of boobage and it's all in working order. Umm, too much info?
The first milk has been duly frozen because the kids will need the protection it provides and yes, it really was this colour.



Rose Red said...

I'm so glad your head didn't literally explode!

You really are so clever with all the crafting you do, me, I pretty much stick to the knitting and the ocassional crochet - you can do everything!!

Boobage (heh!). I'm seeing that word everywhere today!! Even when I look down! (too much information?!)

catsmum said...

thanks for the compliment RR :] but there are actually many crafts I don't do. One day I'd like to learn woodturning - I even already have the lathe !

The One and Only Nadie said...

Good haul. That milk is disturbing.

Alice said...

No wonder you have a Post Box - the postman would never be able to deliver it all to your home!

I remember the first milk from the cows after calving was pretty lurid in colour, and certainly didn't get sent to the factory. The calves enjoyed it though.

What is that music I can hear ....?? Guess it's the same as I can hear at any hour of the day here.

crazyhaberdasher said...

Did you do the milking?

Tanya Brown said...

Has Madame Rosie had a baby shower yet? Never mind ... that's just the kind of inane question I'd come up with. Is it common for goats to lactate before they've given birth?

Your Gingko quilt is extraordinary. You have a marvelous sense of design.

MadMad said...

I had so much to say, but was distracted by that milk... Yeah. That's something alright. Well, then. I'll come back tomorrow after you've cleaned up a bit.

Sheepish Annie said...

Wow! The mailbox overfloweth! Lovely stuff, there. I love the silk piece you did. Very beautiful! I'd say you've done rather well with the finishing of stuff in spite of the raging headache.

So glad your head didn't literally explode. That would have been embarassing...

April said...

GOAT!!! Oh, she's just beautiful. Is the Yahoo group you're in called "BabySweaters"? I just joined. Because you can never have enough baby sweaters.

Jejune said...

Are you a fibromyalgia girl too? We should start a club :/ I've got bad brain fog at the moment too.

Love the paper silk sari, it's really stunning.

That milk is seriously disturbing 0_o

Donna Lee said...

Wow, your silk piece is beautiful. When I was a little girl, my mother made me a lady with a yellow ruffled dress out of silk ribbons and bits of paper. She was like a paper doll you couldn't touch but so pretty. Your piece reminded me of that. It is a good memory.