Saturday, October 07, 2006

sometimes it takes me a while

I've been doing some more of the free-motion quilting on the tiger quilt and much as I hate to admit it, really struggling physically. Barely slept last night with the muscular pain even after taking mega doses of magnesium... whinge ...whinge... whine...grizzle
Then the penny dropped ... I mentioned yesterday that this is the only quilt this size that I've machine quilted myself in quite a while. All the japanese ones I've hand quilted and most of the others of recent years have been about queen sized and commercially quilted. So do you know what else that means?
This is the only quilt bigger than about half a metre that I've machine quilted since I was diagnosed with FMS about 5 years ago... d'oh ... no wonder I'm struggling.
It's not that I forget I have it ... how can you forget pain and chronic fatigue ... but I don't need to remind everyone around me all the time. I've read a couple of blogs that focus on FMS and honestly the moaning and constant self-pity must be SO draining to live with. If I get like that, somebody just hit me upside the head please. Just occasionally something reminds me that I do need to make allowances.
SO now I'm back on track. Small sessions at the machine ... no more than ten or fifteen minutes at a time.
Like I said... sometimes it takes me a while to wake up to the bloody obvious.


Sheepish Annie said...

Admitting to our limits is never easy. I like to think that I am some kind of superhero...until things start clicking or spasming. Then, suddenly, I'm a mere mortal. And middle aged, to boot! Take care of yourself!


Awww... are you doing any physical therapy (massage, application of heat/cold packs) or low impact exercise (stretching) to increase blood circulation?
I hope you feel better soon. x

catsmum said...

does bellydancing count? :]

Nicole and Phil said...

Love to see your quilting!
I have saved your blog to my favourites, so I can pop in every now and again to see what you age stitching!
Nicole, Berlin, Germany

catsmum said...

ooh ooh ooh ... I got linked to Nicole's Blog ...yippee
As I am a spectacularly shallow and needy person, that has totally made my day / week/ month

mehitabel said...

Sometimes I completely forget about the FMS, and then I wonder why I hurt! I didn't know that there were blogs about it, though, must look into that! And I got linked to someone's blog (who wasn't part of my little circle of friends) and it was such a thrill! (I'm going to go link you now, just to make another day!)

Anonymous said...

hope you get this, I must be dumb, couldn't find it for ages!!!!

catsmum said...

Am I right in thinking that anonymous in this case is Val G?