Monday, October 16, 2006

Quilt Show Photos

The first photo [ the elaborate birds-and-flowers one] is the Best of Show by Sylvia Reeves, who also won the Challenge with her celtic appliqued box that I failed to get a photo of ... bugger. Sylvia is something of a rarity in the quilting circles that I move in. Her original designs are computer generated but she chooses to piece, applique and quilt entirely by hand. Something of a contradiction is our Sylvia.
Next is Beverley Downie's Really Succulent which won for Best Machine Quilting on a domestic machine.
The red and black japanese one is my Ginko [ aka the wedding quilt ] which won for Best Use of Design and Colour and also was runner up for Viewers' Choice.
Then we have Beverley's Shilly Shally which I'm including because it's Anjii's Angles with a really clever border. It doesn't show in the photo but she has put tulle over the area between the shells in the border and machined the heck out of it.
The gorgeous butterflies are another Sylvia Reeves original, hand pieced, appliqued and quilted masterpiece. This was the one I voted for for viewers' choice.
Then the last three are mine: the Deconstructed Log Cabin is "Licorice Allsorts"that I made for David and it's both brighter and bigger than it looks here ... queen sized and put-your-sunnies-on bright!
The navy with cranes is Tsuru [ which means crane ... gosh I'm so clever with my titles I make myself sick!] and the other hasn't got it's japanese name yet so I just called it Peace for the time being which is what the kanji translates as. This is the sibling of the quilt I made for Beryl J's big-0 berfday which was in April but she got the quilt in July. This one gets to stay with me although it may occasionally get visitation rights to its sister in Aberdeen, Tasmania.

of course today will be virtuously devoted to house cleaning. WHAT? ... I will SO ... be quiet!

Well maybe a little knitting on the couch might be indulged in ... just a few rows on the Yarn Harlot's Scarf that I started on saturday night and haven't told you about yet... and maybe there will be a cappucino or two in town with Jeanette ... maybe I might pop my nose in the door at Line dancing ... but other that that I'll be cleaning. Yup... and if you believe that I have this nifty bridge you might want to buy.


Jessica said...

Sorry for commenting here, but blogger didn't send your email in the comment you left on my blog (that's the most annoying thing I've found about blogger, don't you agree?).
Panathinaikos is the Greek sports club (soccer/basketball) that my husband supports. The team colors are green & white, and the symbol is a shamrock. home page:
Panathinaikos goods:
I've always found this quite amusing because my father's heritage is Irish and if it weren't for Panathinaikos, I probably wouldn't get away with having any St. Patricks Day decorations or any other irish stuff in the house.
thanks for asking. ~jessica

The One and Only Nadie said...

is Sylvia the one who designed the applique on that round robin you were doing a while back?

catsmum said...

what round robin ?... are you thinking of the raffle quilt? ... and yes, she's the one!

Lisa L said...

Beautiful, beautiful quilts!

Lisa L
Saratoga Springs, NY

Sheepish Annie said...

I've been thinking about that same looks like a quick knit and I've got some handspun that might just work.

Those quilts are beyond stunning! Perhaps I'm just a wee bit partial, but I loved yours the best. I'm pretty much floored by your talent!

catsmum said...

I'm doing the scarf in double knit rather than worsted so it's a bit narrower and of course I'm having to do more rows but I manage about 10 inches per 2 hr DVD ... it's a REALLY quick knit. I'm thinking a matching beanie with roll back brim would be good.
and aww gee shucks thanks for the kind words [ blush]

Veggies,Crafts & Tails said...

These quilts are just lovely!!!

Got here via Sheep's blog, nice place ya got here.

Huggs, G