Wednesday, October 11, 2006

phew... done

Taught the weekly studio [quilt] class in Bendigo yesterday , got home after picking Dave up on the run through at 3 grabbed a soy protein drink and called it lunch and then at 5pm turned around again and drove the 50km back to Bendigo for the fortnightly clogging class with Karen. On the way home we hit Hungry Jack's.
Speaking of which, did you realise that if you change the soft drink with the burger meal to an orange juice that suddenly and miraculously you aren't indulging in junk food? Seriously folks... orange juice transforms all that salt and fat by some alchemical process into virtuous health food...what? ... it DOES SO. Would I lie to you?
Came home at 9.30 to get stuck into the last side of the tiger quilt . By midnight it was all finished and labelled and I SO wish I could get this bloody machine to accept that it's connected to the camera so I could post all the in progress photos. No mock modesty here folks ... I'm chuffed with how it turned out.

This is despite having to remove and redo some of the quilting when the tension went bung, and redoing part of the binding a side and a half... because it wasn't sitting right.

the schedule for today is:

  • take David into town and meet Jeanette for coffee before our bellydance class [ later: we got to class 15 mins late because we had to rescue an elderly urine-soaked lady with...probably...dementia, who was wondering back and forth through traffic on the main street. She was quite feeble and disoriented so we emphatically could NOT just ignore her and keep on going.
  • Dr's appointment to check whether the blood pressure meds he put me on last week are working [ later: BP back to normallish... Dr is very happy with how quickly it's responded to minimal medication ]
  • go the patchwork [ which actually starts at 9.30 but I'll get there about 12.30 - 1ish ], hand over the quilts and raffle money
  • pick Dave up at 3
  • fall in a heap

Yup, that should about do it.

and just to prove how truly shallow I am... I'm all excited ... my blog has scored a sidebar link on someone else's blog ... how kewl is that? Thank you Nicole [ and Phil ] for making my day!


Sheepish Annie said...

Congrats on the quilt! I do envy the quilters...such talent!!

Will have to try the tip on the juice with the fast food. I'm always looking for healthy living suggestions. ;)

Laura said...

Oh, I'm tired just reading about your schedule! Haha, what if I drink a huge glass of water with this pizza I'm about to eat?

lisette said...

oy - i've linked you too! :) can't wait to see the tiger quilt - it sounds fab

knitnthings said...

I can't wait to see pictures of the quilt!

Dianna in Maui said...

Hi Susan, Thanks for visiting my blog and asking about Honu - he won judges choice at PIQF today! Anyway, you can see his beginnings at
Love your beautiful cat, Oakley. We have two ginger cats ourselves, Ruby and Ginger. :-) Aloha!