Friday, February 11, 2011

so here's the thing

what with
the alternating floods and heatwave[s]
the running to and fro to Melbourne to get Nadie-and-The-Boy packed up and moved in here
the running to and fro to Melbourne because MIL collapsed and got dragged off to 'ospital the day after Nadie-and-The-Boy moved up here
the packing/unpacking/rationalising of two households worth of goods and chattels

all coming hot on the heels of the Great Annual Post Christmas Take-Down and Pack Away [ which was somewhat more prolonged and involved than expected due to the fact that some of my usual storage spaces were about to be repurposed for storage of the above mentioned goods and chattels ]

and let us not forget the garden ... repeated flooding rains after 15 years of drought equals rampant and unprecedented growth equals [happy] hours of pruning and weeding,

and then, naturally, Nadie and I had to spend some quality time sitting-and-contemplating-the-results-with-book-and-companion-animals

net result:
I have not touched anything involving needle or hook for over a month


and Bear would like you to know that he is still adorable


ozjane said...

And tell Bear I brought the ingredients for his and the felines Christmas presents last night...I had half done and ran out of the essential ingredient at Christmas and since I got flooded on Friday..see blog and turn 100 tomorrow, it has all been a bit hectic.
Take care.

Lindi said...

Whew! And I thought I was busy!
Tell Bear from me that he is adorable. :)

Meg said...

It sounds like I'm doing the same thing. Moved back to Ouyen a month ago. Poor Dad! We've had to combine 2 three bedroom houses into 1. Thank goodness for sheds!