Saturday, February 12, 2011

Natal congratulations

Hippo Birdy
two ewes
Hippo Birdy
two ewes
Hippo Birdy deeeeeear Nadie
Hippo Birdy
twooooooooooooooooo ewes

Hard to believe that my 'baby' is 29 today !

Nadie circa 1990


Alice said...

Happy Birthday to Nadie. I'm sure you enjoyed having her there on the spot to celebrate her birthday, Susan.

Yes, the years roll by far too quickly. My 'baby' was 28 on Wednesday.

Tara said...

Happy Birthday Nadie! Hope there was cake of awesome :)

Lindi said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Nadie! :)

ozjane said...

Happy Birthday day after me.......

gayle said...

Happy Birthday to Nadie!
My 'baby' turned 22 last last year. How odd that my children are now older than I am... 8)