Saturday, June 26, 2010

getting there

I know that I showed you this year's Christmas quilt ages ago , all beautifully quilted and lacking only its binding.
Some among you may have wondered why there has since been no photo and associated 'ta-da' of a finished object.
Well, the truth is that Christmas is still 6 months away and there have been other things on the agenda [ including getting the binding onto Nadie's quilt that she made for her God-daughter, which I also haven't shown you. Yes. I know. I have some catching up to do. Bad blogger. BAD BAD BAD ]

Anyway, that Christmas quilt has been languishing on the end of the couch, with her inner bits exposed to public gaze, for all this time and the only tender touch it has felt in all that time has come from a sucession of small animals:

who find it quite acceptable even with a needle parked in there somewhere.

Last weekend matters came to a head when Chris and Maz were indulging in some television in front of the fire and looking for some extra warmth. In this house there are two kinds of quilts - the ones on the walls and the others which are for sleeping under or being wrapped up in.
So naturally Chris made a grab for the nearest-and-largest and by extension, warmest. I had to leap into action to avoid one of them getting stabbed, and another, albeit smaller, couch quilt was hastily substituted with no harm done ... and most importantly, no blood on the quilt. Never let it be said that my priorities are out of whack.
Since then - when not engaged in the daily ritual bonfiring - guilt has forced me to re-engage with the binding, and there has been progress. Slightly less than one side remains to be sewn down.
Expect photographic proof soon ...

but it won't be today or tomorrow , because Cinders is going to The Ball and I'll tell you all about THAT tomorrow.


Doris Sturm said...

That quilt will be lovely - I like the pattern of the fabric from what I can can never start to soon for a Christmas quilt.

Looking forward to hearing about the ball :-)

Lynne said...

How lovely that someone reached for your quilt! Enjoy The Ball!

Ozjane said...

I suspect that the feline slumber is contagious.