Monday, August 17, 2009

There are no emus at Emu Creek

The weekend was event filled and there's plenty of Blogfodder to be sifted through, but I suppose I really should keep my promises and show you the rest of the animal photos from Friday's visit to Pete and Brenda's new place at Emu Creek.

First up [ and especially for April ] the two new Saanan girls. They're very much shorter in the leg than my elegant Rosie but still very sweet, don't you think?
These girls will be prolific milkers when their turn comes.

Then Brenda holding the newest of the Damara x Dorper lambs. The minute he was put down on terra-firma, his Mum herded him into the corner and sniffed him all over to make sure that we two-leggers hadn't harmed him in any way. If you go back to Friday's post you can actually see him hiding behind mum in the far back left corner.

His brothers and sisters [ and cousins ] were all far more interested in the fresh hay that Brenda had strewn at my feet. I think the general idea was to help me get some good pictures but all I could see was the tops of their heads as they howed in.
Then we went out to see the boys
That's Lucky on the right and new-boy Chester ... He was rescued from Shepparton and was even thinner than this when he arrived. At the moment the poor thing has a coat like straw and almost no hair on the back of his neck from being left on a chain all day long in a too tight collar. You really have to wonder how anyone can abuse an animal like this - and Chester has an impeccable pedigree, so even if they had not a shred of compassion, you'd think simple economics would have persuaded them to look after a big-ticket investment.
Don't fret though. Soon Pete and Brenda will have him looking as shiny and healthy as "little" Lucky before he starts earning his keep with stud duties [ ain't life tough?]

Bear [ long hair, at the front] spent some quality family time with his mum [ the little white one ] and litter sister Molly, while Brenda and I hiked over to check on Mama Black Swan who is egg-sitting in the bullrushes in the middle of the dam. The pic was taken from about 50 feet away so's not to disturb her or to draw the ire of Daddy Swan who was on the same bank as us and quite capable of inflicting injury if we gave him cause.
Mama Swan declined to be interviewed for the blog and attempted to hide behind a screen of vegetation


April said...

I can't stand any more adorableness!! Goaties - best animals EVER. Although that little lambie is seriously kissable. I want them ALL.

Bernie said...

Oh I love the newborns, I just can't imagine anyone mistreating any animal and am so thankful that
Chester is in the good care of people like Brenda and Pete...The world needs more people like them.
So enjoyed your photo's Susan, have a great day.....:-) Hugs

Alwen said...

I remembered to take some pictures, then had no internet for several days. Soon I will catch up and post myself!