Thursday, August 20, 2009

Book Club

Over on Ravelry, I've been keeping a list of books read in 2009 ... something that I always have the best of intentions of doing, and something that just never happens.
Until this year
My aim was to read an average of one book per week not counting pattern books, rounded down to 50 for the whole year
I haven't quite reached that target yet, what with it only being August and all, but still have made a sizeable dint in it, so here's the list to date:

Goal - 50 books


Dead Beat: Jim Butcher
White Knight: JB
Proven Guilty JB
Witches Abroad: TP
Lords and Ladies: TP
A Stroke of Midnight: Laurell K Hamilton
Mistral’s Kiss: LKH
A Touch of Frost: LKH
Danse Macabre - LKH
The Harlequin - LKH
Blood Noir - LKH
Micah and Strange Candy - LKH
Interesting Times - TP

February( sorta lost the plot a bit )

The cat Who Moved A Mountain - L.J.Braun
Image to Stitch - Maggie Grey
Rhapsody - Elizabeth Haydon [ disappointing ]

Hogfather -TP
Small Favour - JB
The Decorated Page - Diehl
The Decorated Journal - Diehl


Maskerade - Pratchett
Feet of Clay - Pratchett

Jingo - Pratchett
Last Continent - Pratchett
Fifth Elephant - Pratchett

The Truth - Terry Pratchett
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
Thief of Time - TP
Night Watch - TP book #30 for the year
Monstrous Regiment - TP

Going Postal - TP
Thud - TP
Free range Knitter - Yarn Harlot
Making Money - TP
Artemis Fowl
Artemis Fowl and the eternity Code
Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident

Prospero’s Children - Jan Siegel
The Colour of Money - TP ( reread) Book #40 for the year
The Light Fantastic - TP ( reread)

Reaper Man - TP ( reread )
My Family and Other Animals - Gerald Durrell ( reread after a VERY, VERY long time )
Beasts In my Belfry - Gerald Durrell
Earthly Delights - Kerry Greenwood ( rereread )
Heavenly Pleasures - Kerry Greenwood ( reread )
Devil’s Food - Kerry Greenwood ( reread )

so a grand total thus far of 47 books ... and ... okay ... a lot of 'em are hardly great literature but so what?
I've enjoyed them
and as it's still winter - and as I don't like posts without pretty piccies - here's a gratuitous Helleborus


Alwen said...

That looks a lot like a book list I'd make!

ozjane said...

Love the Hellebores....think I snuck some pink ones in my collage.
I have read not one of those books. She who usually has 22 out of the library at any one time.
Just determined to borrow at least one biography per borrow and have just finished Dr Phil so, My Feudal Lord, interesting to know a bit more about Pakistan and politics, and a book of "Australian Stories" from ABC that I loved.
Have just finished
Home. by Dutton, Ninette
Thoroughly enjoyed it and suspect you would also although you have done a reversal of what she has done abut you are so so much younger.
It helped to confirm my sense and sensibility in staying put despite my wander lust for land and trees and a yurt.(the large one from Golburn Yurts in case you have forgotten)
Maybe I should face up to looking a fat slob and go on millionaire
and a failure no doubt.
But more chance of that than winning lotto.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty hellebore!

We read a lot of the same books...

Donna Lee said...

I don't read nearly as much as I used to since I learned to knit. I very often listen to books as I knit and that has become my reading. I get to combine two favorites at once.

I do read while I am eating breakfast. Always a novel. Nothing heavy or earthshattering. Just pure entertainment.

Bernie said...

Susan, I love your book list. What a great idea. I am an avid book reader and I have a book beside me all the time. I have only read 2 on your list but will check out some of the other titles. Your winter is just about over, I can smell Fall in the air here. Our summer was very short and a horrid season to grown anything but enjoyed as much sun as came my way.
Have a great day....:-) Hugs

Anonymous said...

Love the book list. I am reading Debbie Macomber at the moment. Have read all the 'Blossom Street' series. Now on to Cedar Cove. Obsessed! me never!

Taphophile said...

You have done well with the reading. The Kerry Greenwood's Corinna series is my favourite (love Corinna even more than Phryne) and The Old Flame has just read his way through the Dresden Files.

Frou said...

I'm in a reading frenzy at present, to the point that am thinking I could turn my non-crafty blog into a book review one, as my life is so boring otherwise!

Except seem to be rereading a lot, as I want to read, but can't cope with the unknown,lol - so am re-reading old favourites!

Laume said...

What do you mean NOT great literature! Harumph! I resemble that remark! Or something like that. I've raced through all the Jim Butcher books the last couple of years. And I'm a big Pratchett fan. I don't remember which ones I haven't read yet - I'm well into them but there are gaps. I've got a book-a-week goal too. Or something like that. I think I upped it to five a month this year, but not sure if I'll manage that, slowed down over the summer.
Don't know why that link didn't work - try image google "Brian Froud Laume".