Sunday, October 12, 2008

Remember this ?

remember the lizard a couple of weeks ago?
remember the comment about what else would be up and about if the lizards were awake ?

.... well, over the last two hours or so, I have had a replay of last year's snake incident - 4 foot brown snake in the garden bed immediately in front of the kitchen door... the only difference being that this time there was a certain furry would-be snake exterminator with me that I didn't particularly want to get bitten ... who steadfastly refused to 'come' when called ... so by the time I had cornered Bear, scooped him up and phoned PND and Brenda, I'd lost sight of the snake.
The three of us spent half an hour poking greenery with spades and rakes, and had pretty much given up.
PND and BND were heading gingerly back up the path to their place when a screech alerted me to the fact that they had re-established contact with the brown-and-slithery who had proceeded to go to ground under one of my bonfire piles.
Bad move snakey!
Metho + match + bonfire = hopefully a BBQ'd snake

no snake was seen exiting the area, no charred corpse has been found, therefore it is entirely possible that he is sitting [query: do snakes sit ? ] safe in a bunny hole under the pyre but I'm hoping otherwise.

I am
but not snakebit


Lynne said...

The last three words were the most important!

Lucky you were there to protect Bear; does he live inside when you're not at home?

catsmum said...

yes Lynne
he's an inside dog most of the time for just that reason

Nadie said...

To quote the Librarian (or Beaker): eek

Was hoping you wouldn't have a replay of last years snake numbers but having one so early in the season doesn't bode well :(

At least everyone's safe and the offending nasty is hopefully a snake kebab. Not the nicest way to go however necessary.

Anonymous said...

EEEEEEEEEEPS! First snake sighting of the Summer - it must really be here! Now we just need the first sighting of "The state's a tinderbox..."

Alice said...

What? No snakeskin purse, either?

Glad his fangs didn't sample you or Bear.

BTW, are you hearing 'A Little Closer' yet?

catsmum said...

No, not yet Alice, I will have to get to Ballarat to cash in my JB Hi-Fi voucher before I can hear the dulcet tones of Mr DH

Tanya Brown said...

I'm not familiar with the snakes in your neck of the woods. Are the browns venomous?

catsmum said...

hell, yes!
highly venomous

Nadie said...

Tanya, the brown snake is the second deadliest snake in the world

fun fun fun