Sunday, July 15, 2007

Chez Catsmum, midwinter

I have two birdbaths in the front of the house. One is sort of victorianish on a pedestal and made of something, shall we say, 'not natural' - plastic or resin or something else pretending to be aged iron. The other is a fairly substantial rustic terracotta curved bowl shape that I've set into a mound of [ artfully arranged ] rocks and dirt. This is an archival photo from summer when there was actual green stuff in there.
The pedestal one freezes at exactly 0.0 degrees but the other, perhaps being lower to the ground and a much larger volume of water, won't freeze until it gets to at least minus 3C.
Can you see where I'm heading with this? Yes, last night they both froze and as of 12 noon, they both still have ice on them. One tub of daffodil bulbs that had standing water in it even has shoots poking through the ice.
It's been a wee bit chilly.

In other news, it turns out we were a bit premature in celebrating Suki's return to health. She had to go back to the vet on Friday for shots including painkillers this time [ !] and is back this morning. So a $1000 or so down and not out of the woods yet.
This is not the woods she's not out of yet. It's the Bot Gardens again. Just wanted to show you another of the photos from Friday and lighten the mood a bit. I think this one's worth clicking on to look at bigger, if only for the reflection of the branches in the water... yep. That isn't another something growing out of the bank. That's the tree's reflection.
Anyway,to add to Nadie's woes, she has a really rotten cold so she and Suki are probably tucked up in bed being miserable together. .. or at the vet being miserable together.
Also my quilting friend Linda in Winnipeg lost her sister Anita this week after an 8 yr battle with lymphoma, so I'm feeling more than a bit sad for her loss. Particularly so because she's offline and out of reach in Montreal until the funeral is over.
...and if you want to be blown out of the water over the most incredible injustice being shown to a rape victim by the Nebraska court system, check this out at Yarn Harlot. Words fail me. Gotta go.


Val said...

That stone garden looks very Japanese. I like!

You can find a photo of that kimono here.
Also in my profile photo!

-3ยบ!! Hmm, maybe we'll stay in town at the Campbell St Motor Lodge (our favorite) rather than camping...

Sheepish Annie said...

Poor Nadie and Suki...I hope that things take a turn for the better soon!

That tree photo is amazing. I had to take two or three looks to really get the right perspective on it!

crazyhaberdasher said...

re the last few lines - what would the judge call it if it happened to HIM?
Hope Nadie and Suki improve soon....

The One and Only Nadie said...

Fantastic pics at the bot gardens, and thank you Oakley for showing the depth of the pot.

I've written up my take on that court case with a link to yarn harlots post