Monday, July 23, 2007

happy squishy mail , a contest and a new cat

This arvo, I visited the lovely handmaidens of happy squishiness at the Post Office and was rewarded for my devotions before the high altar of postality with this:
lovely, lovely Koigu KPPM ... and not one hank but two :]

So I can die happy now.

No, I don't know what I'm going to make with it. For now it's probably enough that I'm going to pet it and surround it with luuuurve.
Big big thankyou to the lovely Rose Red

In other news Chez Catsmum, Chris and I spent Saturday rearranging the rumpus room. He has been talking about moving the teev outlet for the last several visits so this weekend it happened, entirely unaided by either Maz or my own sweet self, followed by general moving of furniture and books, during which my participation was mandatory. There was also the ritual hunting down of killer dust bunnies roughly the size of small sheep.

If this wasn't enough excitement for one weekend [ oh yes, it's a giddy old life I lead up here ] Sunday morning saw us all getting up at a highly uncivilised hour and making sure that the breakfast detritus was cleaned away before the parents of Nadie's friend Fee - being people I'd never met and therefore necessitating a clean kitchen bench - arrived on the doorstep with:
drum roll please
Ms Caramel Cat. Refugee from Melbourne and newest member of the menagerie.

Current abode:
the Linen Press, on top of the christmas linens
Current mood:
Not happy Jan!
Oakley and Sophie?
keeping right out of her way

Current state of the Catsmum:
scratched and punctured, quite possibly in the bad books with the other two, and trying to remember when she last had a tetanus shot.

Now don't forget that you have until midnight AEST on
August 4th to leave me a comment here detailing your current obsessions [ knitting, quilting, Blogging, whatever ] for a chance to win something 'noice' in my Blogiversary contest. Whether it is a quilty something or a woolly something or something completely different, will largely depend on who wins and what I can glean from your answers.


crazyhaberdasher said...

Is Ms Caramel eating?

Val said...

Dust bunnies the size of sheep? That's nothin'! My mother reported from California today that they are the size of elephants under her bed. But I always say "I'm living proof that dust does not kill". I don't even look for them (but I know they're there).

Miss Frou Frou said...

The wool looks gorgeous, but Ms Caramel is a darling. Mum's remaining cat, Scully, spent 3 days behind the entertainment unit when we first got her from my sister. I coaxed her out in the end, with an endless litany of chat of the "it's ok Scully" variety, she got curious to see who the crazy lady was!

Funnily enough, she now hides if she hears my sisters voice - probably worried she's come to take her back!

Sheepish Annie said...

Ms. Caramel Cat is adorable and yet rather fierce looking at the same time! Here's hoping that everybody settles into the new arrangement soon and that the bleeding on your part is kept to a minimum. Persephone and Desdemona send their regards to all and sundry!

Rose Red said...

My cat used to hide inside the sofa bed (there was a gap at the back she could get into) whenever "strangers" (ie anyone) came to visit. She's not so bad now...Hopefully Ms Caramel will settle down soon.
ps - glad the Koigu arrived!

RachelW said...

That is a pretty, pretty cat. And they all hide at first, don't they? (Ours became Houdini - we called him Hootie - because he did such a disappearing act on day one I finally had to call the shelter and admit that I was such a loser, I had already lost him... ven though he had been in only one room, with really no outlet. They told me to keep looking, and we finally found him behind the fridge under the basement stairs...)Also, pretty Koigu! Love Koigu!

Dorothy said...

I always say that dust bunnies are harmless so that must be why they hide under my couch and all the beds. They know a friendly home when they find it.

I hope your cat comes out of hiding soon. She's pretty. My female hides from nearly everyone especially the Mr. and kids.

Charles said...

Oh Cute cate!

Anyway… I just start my“Knitting Video Cast” you can check it out and see what you think about and Comment me!


Tanya Brown said...

"There was also the ritual hunting down of killer dust bunnies roughly the size of small sheep."


I do like the idea of squishies. Receiving them must be marvelous, of course, but I also like the idea of unloading my stuff on someone else.

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Georgeous hanks of wool, and even more georgous cat, sorry that you were mauled by Ms Caramel. Hope you feel better soon.
Best Wishes