Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FO and totally gratuitous animals

Last week, I'd finished the Lara Pinwheel Cardi and promised visual proof, but it's taken me until today to get a halfway reasonable photo of it.

It was duly 'christened' on Thursday night at choir, followed by a second outing at the Sheep & Wool Show, and, despite numerous compliments coupled with requests to "turn round so that I can look at the back", etc., not one photo where you could actually see the garment.

So I was finally forced to resort - as so often in the past - to layering it on over mum's wedding dress on the mannequin in the loungeroom.
Of course I didn't think to do it in nice, clear daylight, so the colour is a bit washed out

but at least let's you see a bit of the detail. Dark dark charcoal is so hard to capture digitally. The last one is truer for depth of colour [ if you can call charcoal a colour ]

Lara Pinwheel Jacket [ freebie ]
KP Harmony 5mm and 3.5mm crochet hook for edging
Body - BWM Rustic 5 ply in Graphite [ sadly discontinued ]
Crochet edging BWM Rustic 8ply in Graphite

made the sleeves slightly longer, and left of most of the rows of crochet arcs in the border - too 'froofy' for me

I'm not convinced that a swing jacket with cutaway front is really suited to a middle-aged, overweight Catsmum but people seemed to luuurve the back!!

totally unrelated and completely gratuitous Rosie and Bear


Rose Red said...

I think it looks fabulous - great colour and the crochet edging is the perfect combination of decoration without froof.

Alwen said...

That's such a fascinating design! Nice work!

Doris Sturm said...

Oh, it is BEAUTIFUL! It looks sooooo soft and the color is warm and elegant. What nice embellishments. I just love the did a wonderful job with it.

Your goat and dog are adorable :-) They look like pals!

Bells said...

having seen it in person, I can say that it's truly fabulous on! Well done!

Donna Lee said...

I like that pattern so much. The edging makes it feminine without being fussy. I think I would like a sweater like that. I'll just have to put it on my list.

ozjane said...

I do hope you protected Bear's delicate ears from what one of his kind did in Castlemaine recently.........hit the news.

catsmum said...

must've missed that Ms OzJane - what happened ? or don't I want to know ?