Thursday, February 26, 2009

quilts and completely gratuitous goats

I am soooooooooooooooooooo behind
cast your mind back to Feb 15 - almost two weeks ago - yes folks, that's how far behind I am
well anyway
Late on that sunday night - very late - my BFF Beryl - she whom I stayed with last October - arrived on the doorstep from Tassie via the Conference of State Quilting Guilds which had been held in Sydney.
We had 4 lovely days together during which time we did a lot of stitching:
This is Ms BJC working on a Hopscotch 'mat' after raiding my stash for a few extra butterfly fabricsIt's to be given as a 7th birthday pressie on her arrival back in the Apple Isle next week so the pressure was on.
In a bit of synergy, I was using a similar palette to sew basic brainless scrap triangles. These will be a queen sized quilt for the bed in Nadie's room up here - not that there isn't one on there already - and it's an exercise in stash reduction 'cos I have got such a lot of fabric in these colours ... was going to write "too much fabric" but can one ever have too much ? What if there's an apocalypse? or a world wide cotton blight? Quilters everywhere would be glad of my stashing habits then I tells ya.On the Tuesday, we were joined for the day by our mutual friend Corrie, seen here doing some synchronised ignoring with Sophie:
Then on Wednesday we went to Bendy and staged lightning raids on Honeysuckle Patchwork and Bendigo Pottery, followed by more retail therapy at The Village Patch in Maldon
Can't remember what we did Thursday - I suspect that there was more stitching involved but the press of trying to get ready for Nadie and Chris's engagement party up here this coming weekend has made a blur of most of the last fortnight.
and with no attempt at any kind of a segue, we have goats:
who have been very vocal about the lack of caprine gorgousness on the blog of recent times
"does this make my nose look big ???"


Jack said...

You? Too much fabric? Never!!!

Alwen said...

Oh, you do have the eye! The scrap triangles look beautiful!

Donna Lee said...

Stash is just another word for Insurance! The scrap triangles is gorgeous. The colors are so good together. And i love the hopscotch mat! I had a plastic one when i was a kid and I loved hopscotch.

lisette said...

beautiful - another irridescent quilt! and i love the hopscotch mat, what a greta idea although if you're over a certain age you do need to be careful. my shrink did his knee playing hopscotch with his daughter and had to be rushed off for surgery.... he said the worst bit was explaining to people how he did it

looks like you had a lovely time


Lynne said...

Too much fabric? But surely that's like too much yarn - no such thing!! LOL

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Susan, I have never heard back from your friend in need of crochet hooks for the young girls she is working with. Have you heard from her? If she is all set, that is great but if she still needs hooks I'ld be glad to send her a small stash of them. Here is my email:

dfuller55 at verizon dot net

April said...

Those are some very, very big goats. Oh and can you e-mail me your address to Thanks!