Friday, February 13, 2009

dodging the bullet

I had a rather unsettling phone call on Monday morning and it wasn't really anything that I could share with you all at the time because I didn't want to worry anyone [ specifically my daughter ] until I knew whether there was anything to worry about
which, as it happens
there isn't

you might remember a couple of weeks ago that I went up to Bendigo for the routine mammogram ... well, I got the call Monday morning informing me that there was an 'area of concern' and that I needed to go back Thursday.
My head may know that nine out of ten call backs turn out to be nothing but my heart wasn't buying it.
In the midst of all the horrific news coming out of the fires, I was sitting here, trying very hard not to obsess about my own health concerns and feeling guilty for being so self-centered in the face of all that loss.
... not a lot of sleep was had, and that's really saying something because I am one of the most chronically sleep deprived people on the planet at the best of times!
I even had to break out some pretty mind-numbing knitting for the waiting room because I kept stuffing up the current lace project, but it was better than sitting there reading ancient women's mags with articles on Brangelina and Keith-and-Nicole.
The first wait wasn't toooo long, then a short visit with a nurse practitioner for all the paperwork, and then into one of those flattering gowns and another waiting room where we all covertly eyed each other nervously. Then in for another [ much more specifically targeted and painful ] mammogram ...
and another wait
and then an ultrasound
and so on
As each woman exited the last office there was either a smile of relief or ... something else ... and we'd all look sadly at each other and hope that particular scene wouldn't be repeated for us.

and finally the news that - for me - all seems to be okay.

I can't fault the care, sensitivity and respect that was demonstrated by all the staff, but still not an experience I want to repeat.

today I'm stiff, sore, battered ... and bruised enough that you'd be forgiven for thinking I've gone three rounds with a heavyweight, but I'm okay and that, for now, is enough

If you're on my side of 50 and haven't been mashed in the last 2 years, go make an appointment

and finally
THIS was the scene directly over the road from John of God Hospital, Bendigo. A small fire compared to the others this week, but one that came within 2km of the centre of a very large rural city and took everyone completely by surprise.


Bells said...

Phew. Close call on both you and the fire.

Glad you're ok.

Marcie said...

thank goodness! Better make that appointment, I guess...

Lindi said...

And it pays to ask your doctor for an ultrasound as well as a mammogram. Sometimes one picks it up where the other fails. Just ask my Mum.

Tracy said...

So pleased it turned out all ok.

lisette said...

yikes - you poor possum
am so glad it worked out ok



Sam said...

hugs. I'm glad it was a false alarm.

Nola G said...

Know exactly what you went through after my own call back in November. Very worrying. So glad to hear that all is well.

Susan (and SmokeyBlue in spirit) said...

Almost every time I have a mammogram they call me back. I totally know what you went through. Each time it turns out to be OK. The last time a kindly person explained that the most common reason is that they cannot read it, too blurry. And that is because one breast is relatively younger than the other. At least the theory is that young breasts give blurry mammograms which is why they ask you to wait until a certain age to start having them.

So glad you are OK.

Robbyn said...

I'm really, really glad the news was good :)

Judie gade said...

Just reminded me I need to get bashed ... Thanks Cuz

Also an event has been posted for Rhonda in Kilmore about the quilting for bushfire survivors.

I sent you an invite to pass on to your friends.

The group is heading towards 9000 menbers in a week!


Lynne said...

Good news. I'm sorry you had to carry that burden by yourself.

Thanks for the reminder that I have somewhere I have promised mum and DD to go!

Jack said...

Thank goodness that it was nothing Susan and all is well.

Anonymous said...

Ahh yes I have been in that position "dodging the bullet" mine has shown abnormal results for the last 2 years turns out I have cysts in mine. Thank goodness your all right!

regards Woolie

Rose Red said...

Oh Susan, thank goodness everything is ok - I'm sorry you had to go through the worry of waiting to find out.

Caity said...

YAY that you are ok!! I get called back, too - my girls are quite fibrous and hard to read, and the waiting is ALWAYS awful! Hugs to you, sweets!

Kylie said...

Susan I'm so glad it turned out to be nothing.

Alice said...

Susan - I'm so pleased all is well. As well as the worry beforehand, the feelings of guilt about that worry are so natural during this horrible week.

You're well now.......stay safe, too.

Sheepish Annie said...

How scary! I'm so glad that everything was OK. I'm pretty bad about health care, but the mammo is something I do faithfully and have since I hit forty.

Thanks for putting the word out on regular screenings. Too many women have been lost because they didn't think it was something they needed to take care of.

mehitabel said...

So glad to hear that you are all right! We've had scares in the last two weeks, ironically with my daughter and her sister-in-law both. Thankfully, they are both fine as well. It is something we need to do, even when it's painful. Hugs!!

Sue said...

I have been called back the last two times. It is quite scary, no matter how logically you try and think about it. I'm glad it was all good.

Alwen said...

OoO - worrying is hard.

Glad you (and the hospital) are still standing!

Elle Emm said...

Glad to hear that it turned out OK. I'm sure it must have been a very worrysome time for you. I've been following the bush fires and all, so sad...

Sorry I haven't been on very often but this job is taking up all my time for now.