Wednesday, July 13, 2011

decisions decisions

For some time now, I've known that I was almost out of photo storage space on this 'ere blog, and because of that, perhaps haven't posted as often, or with as many pics, of late.

Moving across to another blog is hardly onerous ... Bells did it quite successfully and so did Caity ... but illogical or not, I've resisted having to make the move from this space where I took my first tentative baby steps into the blogiverse.

I can't put it off much longer though:
As of this post, I'm up to 99% of photo storage so it's going to happen soon, and yes, I do realise that I can put pix in by linking to my Flickr account, but I tried that and that doesn't always want to co-operate, so pffft ... some day very soon, you'll come by and there'll be a note pinned to the door, telling you where to find me and mine.

but not today

today I'm going to show you some of the multitude of small things that I've been churning out since Kiri came off the needles.

Not all - probably don't have photo space enough for that

Herewith my dears, the four versions of Meret [ freebie from Wooly Wormhead ] that I've churned out recently:

Meret #1
is in Reynold's Andean Alpaca [ worsted/10ply ] that I bought in April's destash a while ago
2 extra repeats of the lace for maximum slouch. This one is nominally mine.
is in BWM's Luxury 8ply [Brick] and only one extra repeat.
Despite how well that colour looks on The Girl, this one is also mineminemine
#3 is Bendigo's Alpaca Rich in Deep Plum ... and THIS one is her ladyship'sand finally [ for now ]
#4 is in Colinette Art [ Aran/10 ply ] in Copper Beech, which is also Nadie's.

and in case anyone is concerned about possible depletion of my stash [ yeah, right ] from all of the needle action that has occurred during my recent extended couch time,
need I remind you all that


2 more sleeps till The Oz Wool & Sheep Show


Rose Red said...

I suspect I will be in a similar position at some point, and am also reticent to change blogs. But will see what happens when I get there!

Love all the hats, I need some variety too, colour wise. One day!

Have fun at Bendi! And take it easy too!

Bells said...

the flickr thing is the way to go really - I've never had any problems with it. I did it before I moved to wordpress too - and I think the photos look good coming from flickr too - they're a nice, clear size.

But, if you move to wordpress, you can import your whole blog to it - or to other platforms too, I think.

I can talk you through that when you talk me through curved binding! :-)

catsmum said...

You have a deal Bells !!

Chrisknits said...

Lovely hats and knits.

Lynne said...

You have been a busy knitter, haven't you?

I have already set up my Wordpress account but Blogger hasn't bugged me enough yet! (They came close in May/June). I don't think I've used up my photo allowance yet!

Maria said...

Learn something new everyday. Did not know there was a limit to photos for Blogger :-)
Love your projects and how co-ordinated Nadie looks with her knits. I must try Meret, its been on my to-do's forever

Sheepish Annie said...

You used your photo storage to its best advantage, though. Lovely work, as always!

Anonymous said...

oh, they are some seriously lovely knits. I am jealous indeed...

gayle said...

The Girl looks good in all the hats - are you sure you're getting those first two back?
Good luck with your (eventual) move.

LiLA @ PhD by Publication said...

Oh God, they are all so cute and look so cozy. I wish my hands could be able to create such nice stuff. I like the red one very much and I have been looking for something similar but had no luck. I guess you don’t find such cuties in stores.

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