Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Only in Castlemaine [again]

the full vid of our flash sing during the State Festival

I'm at 2:42 and Nadie at 3:47


Lynne said...

How many of you were actually part of the singing group and how many were customers who joined in the fun? It would be hard for we who were not there to pick!

gayle said...

Now THAT brought a big smile. Thank you!

catsmum said...

Lynne, about 70 singers were at the rehearsal but some, like Nadie, would have learned their parts from internet sound files posted in great secrecy :)
so basically not sure of shopper vs singer numbers
the singers were culled from all over the Shire and many many groups and choirs and individuals

busygnomes said...

I'm at 1.30 in a red dress up the back with the kiddo's, I had no idea this was going to happen, but I was told to be there at 6.
yes, only in castlemaine!

catsmum said...

aha busygnomes - now I know what you look like :)