Wednesday, April 06, 2011

spot the Catsmum

Forget Where's Wally? ... can you find moi in this group of pajama-clad ladies warbling at the Castlemaine Train Station at 6-flipping-AM on Monday ?


Ozjane said...

in front of the green door with pink around your neck???

And why?

I have been in a nightie at a patchwork shop at 7 am in Werribee.

Lynne said...

Behind the camera taking the photo?

Why the pj's?

colleen said...

I am not going to guess. What was the occasion. To warble at that time of the morning I hope the appropriate beverage was sipped!!! It looks fun.

crazyhaberdasher said...

Or is this really the crazy Castlemaine Trainspotting Group? LOL!! I think I just see half of you peeping out behind the conductor/ess .... or is that really the train conductor ... LOL!!
... ~ I hear the train a-coming ~~ its rollin' round the bend ~~ ...

catsmum said...

yes Maz [ crazyhaberdasher] is correct ... that is half of me peaking out from the far left of photo, clad in navy bathrobe and blue fluffy monster feet slippers.

and the reason ?

as part of the Castlemaine Fringe Festival, we serenaded three trainloads of early morning commuters facing the long ride down to Melbourne.

crazyhaberdasher said...

... the things you do to get a gig?
Was all of the train songs appropriately sung?

catsmum said...

well we DID sing 'Another Train' to high hilarity from each load of commuters LOL

..."There's another train
There always is
Maybe the next one is yours
Get up and climb aboard
Another train ....."

and we have another equally insane gig tonite

but it's a secret [ shhhhh!]

gayle said...

I can't even talk at 6am. Singing is right out...
I admire you for it!