Thursday, March 03, 2011

This is becoming a habit

Part the first
Once again I've managed to go a whole week between postings ... and it's not like there's been nothing to blog about either ... but I think that certain things are conspiring to keep me from posting:
Of course the most obvious one is just the general upheaval of normal patterns that is the inevitable consequence of trying to amalgamate two separate households but we are getting there.

Mind you, there are definite benefits

All this cupboard reorganisation and rationalisation means that I've rediscovered a whole bunch of stuff that I'd forgotten I owned:
Things that I'd hung onto "just because I had the room" have been re-appraised and, where necessary, sent ruthlessly to the Op Shop.
That poor guy who works in Receiving at the local Thrift Store winces when he sees my car pull up.

Then there's the stuff I hadn't really thought about ... like the fact that Chris & Nadie would be hauling up the contents of their pantry.

Suddenly we had TWO huge tins of Milo to find a home for, two large jars of Vegemite, two sacks of Basmati rice [ and jasmine rice, and arborio rice and ... ]
and so began the Great Pantry Tidy of '11.
Past-Use-By-Dated groceries have been hunted down and terminated
Oh, I feel so virtuous

but all this virtuosity takes a toll on a Catsmum

hence the non-bloggage

part the second [with no attempt at a segue ]

about a week ago I did actually get as far as scribbling down a list of some of the stuff that I could share with you.
So with some additions from this week - and absolutely no expansions or explanations - here's the list:

garlic porcupine meatballs

feather and fan shrug [ which did make it into a post ]

ebook reader

weird weird weather [ okay, so I lied about no explanations. It's the first week of March. If the previous 6 years were anything to go by, it should be peak bushfire season. Instead we've had more rain, and mornings hovering only a handfull of degrees above zero ]

Fred-the-duck MIA

Lonely George. Tuesday. 4 degrees.


Viva Verdi Concert

humungous blisters

cat politics

Bear and Chris

Flourless Almond Orange Cake

Chat Warblers

Peace Choir


Purls Palace closes


WIP Day:

Bear-based yarn tensioning device



any or all of the above may now form the basis of forthcoming Blogfodder if so desired. just ask okay ?


Dorothy said...

Hmmm Susan .. The ebook reader and cat politics has me wondering so I'm asking about those please ? I've been thinking of getting an ebook reader and after lots of research have almost convinced myself that a kindle might be the best choice. I'd love to hear what you think.

TurtleDoveCoo said...

I'm dying to know about the Bear based tensioning device (would it also work with a ferret???) It's understandable why you've been MIA, but I'm so pleased to see you back. You are/were missed!

Marcie said...

They all sound interesting, but the meatballs and the cake sound pretty yummy - recipes?

Margaret said...

I agree with TurtleDoveCoo, more info on the Bear tensioning device please

Donna Lee said...

Intermingling households is an adventure. I love the feeling of just-cleaned-out-cabinets! And the way they look, all neat and dust free.

Of course, that state of being doesn't last in my house.

Nadie said...

Dorothy - my understanding of kindle is that you can only buy books for them from amazon, and there is apparently some problem with supply to Australia. This is only what I've heard but probably something to look in to.